The eCommerce Toolbox

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Episode 1

Why you should treat your customers like your mom!

In this episode of “The eCommerce Toolbox: Expert Perspectives,” host Kailin Noivo is joined by John Merris, CEO and Director of Solo Brands. Together, they discuss the birth of Solo Brands, delve into John’s guiding eCommerce principles, explore the choice between outsourcing and insourcing technology, and examine the implications of Solo Brand’s early decision to insource fulfillment. The conversation also touches on creating seamless experiences across multiple brands, emphasizing the importance of customer care, and discussing the significance of referral and repeat purchase rates in understanding success. John Merris, the CEO of Solo Brands, is committed to empowering unique brands with direct-to-consumer expertise to shape the next generation of customer experiences in digital commerce, having previously served as the President and CEO of Solo Stove, the brand central to Solo Brands.

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