The eCommerce Toolbox

Expert Perspectives Podcast

Episode 8

Optimizing Luxury Online Retail for a Global Audience

In this episode of The eCommerce Toolbox: Expert Perspectives, host Kailin Noivo is joined by Alizée Dard Belmont, Senior Manager of eCommerce and Innovation at Richemont, to discuss crafting seamless customer experiences at the global scale. 

Join them as they:

  • Discuss how Alizée’s diverse background has influenced her approach to eCommerce
  • Shine a light on transitioning from the brand level to the group level
  • Delve into the value of data when operating at the group level
  • Dip into how Richemont utilizes AI and automation to improve processes and customer experience

Alizée Dard Belmont is the Senior Manager of eCommerce and Innovation at Richemont, a leading luxury goods group. Prior to her current role, she held two other positions at Richemont: Performance Analyst of Digital, Data, and Omnichannel and Chief of Staff Assistant to the CDO. Previously, she has worked with Van Cleef & Arpels, Le Couvent Des Minimes, and MB&F, all of which have contributed to her expertise in the luxury goods industry.

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