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Scrubs and Beyond is the largest supplier of healthcare apparel across the United States. For the past 21 years, they have been providing Americans with their work essentials through their 140 stores country-wide. Their eCommerce store is also a large part of their business, especially as of recent with the Covid-19 pandemic. Providing an exceptional online experience has permitted them to help the heroes on the front-line. We spoke with Jared Poole, Technical Support Manager for Digital Commerce about how he has transformed Scrubs and Beyond’s online shopping experience. In his role, he implements different tools to improve their eCommerce functionality. He also helps manage the team of developers, by actioning tasks that result in an improved customer journey.

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When Poole started at Scrubs and Beyond in March 2020, the biggest hassle he was experiencing was what to do when errors were reported to customer service. He knew that “by the point the error got to me, it had probably been around for months, if not more.” Disappointed by the immeasurable financial damage these errors were causing, Poole needed help detecting these errors. Poole lacked information on the errors to actually resolve them. “The whole process of trying to debug and find where in the stack trace was causing issues… that whole process was my life for a few months and it was incredibly frustrating.” Poole would also spend hours communicating with customers asking for details on what browser they were using, what their IP address was, etc. Sometimes it would take days to get the information he needed to begin to find the root cause. 




Since Poole knew there were problems coming up on the site, he searched for solutions. His initial thought was to use synthetic monitoring. The problem was that synthetic monitoring does not offer any real user data. Instead, it predicts traffic and can allow you to simulate user transactions. Poole says this kind of information is not “going to be as all encompassing as getting real user data. I want to know the actual experience of someone else.” Additionally, synthetic monitoring can only capture a small subset of errors because they are unable to detect errors occurring real-time on your site.

Understanding the need for real-customer transaction data and real-time insights, Poole knew that he needed to find a different solution, which is when he connected with Noibu. We were able to see immediately that Noibu was the right solution for us to be able to help triage and identify errors. Noibu positioned itself at the right time to show us a better way to do what I was already trying to do through synthetic monitoring and manual check-ups.”




For Poole, it wasn’t the 123.36x ROI that was Noibu’s most valuable outcome. For him, he measured his success with the product based on how much he now interacts with the customer service team. Previously, he would receive 5 to 6 complaints a day and now he receives 1 every couple of weeks. “As I said before, the likelihood that these bugs existed for months before we got a call about it is so high. So, those 5 to 6 people that were calling in per day is probably indicative of only 1-2% of people who experienced it.

The reduced man-power was also critical for Scrubs and Beyond. “We could have easily hired someone full time to do what I was doing before because it was so time consuming. Now I am able to put my time elsewhere because Noibu will do the job for me.


Watch Jared Poole discuss how Noibu helped streamline their customer service process:



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