How Noibu Helped Barcodes Inc. Realize Their Maximum Revenue Potential

North America’s provider of barcode scanning, ID card printing, mobile computing, mobile robotics, and RFID products, Barcodes Inc. was founded in 1994. Since then, it has earned a reputation as an industry leader in more than 70 categories of asset management and inventory tracking products. They help businesses boost efficiency and reduce costs by implementing accurate electronic information flow solutions. 


Barcodes Inc. has been a happy Noibu customer since mid-2023 and in an effort to understand what their experience has been with our eCommerce monitoring platform, we recently sat down with Anastasia Kasantseva, Marketing Operations Director at Barcodes Inc. 


In this case study, we dive deeper into what made Barcodes Inc. choose Noibu as their eCommerce monitoring partner, the biggest wins they’ve had with the tool thus far, and how Anastasia would compare Noibu to other similar tools in her team’s tech stack. 

Why Did Barcodes Inc. Choose Noibu for their eCommerce Monitoring Needs?

As per Anastasia, her team was really impressed with how Noibu automatically crawls eCommerce websites to detect technical issues. Earlier, they’d been relying on their User Acceptance Testing (UAT) team to detect bugs and very often (quite understandably), they would end up missing critical, revenue-impacting errors, which would impact their site releases. What got them excited about Noibu was that it automatically and instantly identified 100% of all website errors. 


What finally persuaded them to sign up was the fact that Noibu was able to detect a plethora of errors on the Barcodes website during the trial or Proof of Concept period that the team didn’t even know existed. Anastasia was keen to explore what more the tool could do for their eCom business. 

Challenges that the Team Was Facing Before Implementing Noibu

Anastasia explains that they relied heavily on their UAT and QA teams on the development side, who would typically test each functionality or feature that was being implemented as part of their launch process. In addition to this, before and after a site release, the QA team would go over the broader test case suite to evaluate if the new feature release had any negative impact on the site. 


Their team also had a QA specialist on the business side, responsible for running tests on the site to ensure no bugs were introduced during feature releases. The main challenge here was that because Barcodes Inc. drives a lot of online traffic, the team would notice issues creep up after site updates even after multiple rounds of testing and there was no automated and guaranteed way of detecting bugs. Some of these issues would even go undetected for weeks or months, silently impacting revenue. 


Anastasia’s motivation to partner with Noibu was to proactively identify site bugs before they caused the business irreparable damage by existing on the site indefinitely. 

Barcodes error monitoring workflow before Noibu

How Did Noibu Transform Barcodes’ eCommerce Monitoring Workflow?

According to Anastasia, Noibu greatly simplified the process of how their team would uncover bugs. Contrary to how they would rely on testing to identify critical bugs, they would now depend completely on automatic email alerts from Noibu whenever a new error has been detected. 


The team would then review the estimated revenue impact to prioritize the list of errors that need addressing. They also go over the technical information provided in the dashboard as well as the suggested fixes before passing it over to the development team. 


“After we introduced Noibu, firstly, it simplified the process of how we uncovered bugs. It also simplified the process of creating development tasks.”


Noibu also helped the team change how they would create development tasks for the detected bugs. After providing developers with access to the Noibu platform, Anastasia’s team now simply links out the Noibu issue in the development tasks so they can directly access the technical information they need. They would also sometimes include information provided by Noibu in the development task directly to cut the process short. 

Group 2609012

Biggest Achievements that Barcodes Inc. Has Had with Noibu

“Probably the two biggest wins we’ve had with Noibu would be mitigating the negative impact of bugs on revenue and having the ability to prioritize based on impact, rather than wasting resource hours trying to fix anything and everything.

The second is time-saving. Noibu has simplified the process of uncovering bugs and creating tasks, which has saved our team’s time that was spent in replicating issues.”


As a Marketing Operations Director, Anastasia understands the importance of optimizing for efficiency and results by saving her team’s time and resources for more strategic tasks, rather than manual ones like finding and replicating issues. Noibu aligned with that vision and allowed her team to avoid the negative impact of site bugs on their bottom line, while saving her team’s time and money that would otherwise spent cluelessly scouting for errors. 

Noibu vs Other Similar Tools: Why Makes The Former More Reliable?

When comparing results with other tools, the team at Barcodes Inc. discovered that Noibu has helped make their overall issue resolution and discovery a whole lot more efficient. 


How Noibu Compares to DEM Tools

When comparing with Digital Experience Management (DEM) platforms, Anastasia elaborates that the DEM they have been using doesn’t come close to offering the capabilities that Noibu does. It doesn’t provide any technical information in terms of the issue overview or detect any bugs, to begin with. It just helps identify issues to an extent, but doesn’t really do it for you. 


“There are a lot of differences between Noibu and other similar tools. The biggest one probably is that popular Digital Experience Monitoring Platforms don’t flag any issues. So, it’s up to you to browse and monitor for issues that are impacting the customer experience.

And considering the amount of traffic on the site, it’s just not realistic to consistently go over all sessions and identify potential issues. Also, we’ve been using a popular DEM forever and even after that, there have been issues on the site. ”


How Noibu Compares to Real User Monitoring Tools

When comparing Noibu with RUM tools, Anastasia mentions that they don’t provide the holistic information needed to prioritize, replicate, and resolve issues as Noibu does. Prior to Noibu, her team had been struggling with replicating issues and figuring out the exact user impact of errors. 


“The RUM tool we use is somewhat similar to Noibu in that it does provide some technical information, but there is no way to replicate issues.

So, the biggest differentiating factor is that Noibu provides everything you need on a particular issue, and a lot more, such as issue description and cumulative revenue impact. Noibu provides you with everything you need so you have somewhere to start.” 


Anastasia goes on to elaborate that her team has never seen the kind of detail that Noibu offers, in terms of pointing out the exact line of code that needs to be fixed, making it much easier to point developers in the right direction. “We’ve already saved a lot of revenue with Noibu, so it’s made a significant impact on our business KPIs and bottom line by identifying those leaks where we are losing money.” 


This case study was an excellent example of how Noibu can help eCommerce businesses achieve operational efficiency by saving time and resources of their teams along with avoiding the negative impact of errors on their revenue. If you’d like to explore the tool for your business, sign up for a free checkout audit by Noibu to uncover what’s really going on under the hood of your site. 

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