How Noibu has made life easier for the development team at Ruroc



Headquartered in Gloucester, England, Ruroc is a leading brand in the snowboarding and motorcycle industry where the company provides high-quality helmets that save lives. Starting as just a small family-run business, the team has now grown to over 160 employees with sales in over 100 countries. As one of the UK’s fastest growing brands, Ruroc has to have an exceptional ecommerce performance. Dan Goodwin, Frontend Developer at Ruroc, gave us his insights on how the company has been able to transform its site since using Noibu.




For Dan, the problem was both detecting and resolving issues. Previously, the team never had a system in place when it came to solving errors on the site. Dan explained that “We were just kind of relying on customers contacting customer service and we had to try to replicate it ourselves. But we really had no real way of seeing what they were seeing.” In the past, Ruroc had tried to implement another software service, but the team found it too difficult to pinpoint specific errors and users.




Feeling defeated without the information they needed, the team continued to overlook errors on the site. According to Dan, “We weren’t really looking for anything because we didn’t really know it was a problem at the time. I guess ignorance was bliss in that case.” Oftentimes, customers know there are problems on a site, but the company feels that there is no way to go about fixing the errors, so the company accepts the errors as part of the reality of the site.




When asking Dan what he has gained from the Noibu tool, he indicated that “In terms of a development experience, I would go as far as to say the tool is invaluable. It’s just an awesome tool to pinpoint what’s going on.” Other than improving the process for Dan’s developers, Noibu has provided Ruroc with exceptional results in terms of ROI. Over the past year, Ruroc has achieved a 42.89x ROI by solving errors using Noibu.


Listen to Dan Goodwin explain how Noibu has helped make his life easier by helping him solve bugs:

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