How Guess improved conversion rates from 82% to 88% using Noibu



Guess was established by the Merciano brothers in 1981. Originally from the South of France, the brothers redefined jeans for Americans by bringing the stone wash and light wash to the United States. After existing as brick-and-mortar stores for 17 years, in 1999, Guess launched their ecommerce site. Although Guess was an early adopter of ecommerce, a lot has changed in the past 22 years. Ecommerce Operations Analyst, Jennifer Rodriguez, explained that as a result, the company has had to work with integrating new technology systems over time to keep their site up to date.



Rodriguez started her career with Guess eight years ago where she began in customer service. Having had first-hand experience with customers, Rodriguez knew there were problems on the site. She noted that “I knew that there was a lot of room for improvement, just because I knew on the frontend what the customers were dealing with, but I also knew that for the backend engineers, a lot of the issues were nearly impossible to recreate to try and figure out the root cause.” For this reason, she saw that Guess needed an error detection and prioritization system and wanted developers to be able to fix the most important issues.




The solution she was looking for was something that would give her visibility into not only the errors that are reported by customers, but also errors that were not being reported but still causing a loss in conversion and ROI. Since shifting into her ecommerce role, she has made it imperative to always improve the ecommerce experience. So, finding a software that would do this for her was vital.




When she found Noibu, she saw a huge opportunity. Rodriguez mentioned that Noibu has “worked with me and our engineers to really smooth out the process and to date, our ROI has been 9.31x”. For her, quantifying issues on an ROI basis has allowed her to ensure that they have gained a profit by fixing these bugs. Rodriguez is also very pleased with their improved conversion rate. Before working with Noibu, the conversation rate was 82% at the checkout and it now has improved by 6% to 88%.

Watch Ecommerce Operations Analyst at Guess, Jennifer Rodriguez, discuss her experience using Noibu:



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