How Ego used Noibu to scale their business during a time of mass growth


Ego is a fast fashion shoe brand based in Manchester, United Kingdom. The brand initially began as a brick-and-mortar store run by Mohammed Fiaz, the father of current Co-Founder Adeel Fiaz. Adeel took a great interest in ecommerce and partnered with Usman Riaz where they initially launched the brand on Instagram and saw great success. They then later launched their online store. We spoke with Haroon Hussain, Head of Technology and Development at Ego who joined the team a year after the online business began when they needed more tech support. Hussain saw a great opportunity with Ego and knew that his background in technology could help the company scale.




Hussain identified that when he first joined Ego, he was putting out a lot of fires. As he grew the technology operations at the company, he recognized that he needed to shift his focus from putting out fires and instead, needed to pivot to using technology as a tool to internally optimize processes and externally improve the customer journey. Ultimately, in order to grow the brand, he needed something that would detect and prioritize errors for the tech team. So, he had more time to implement new site features and develop longer-term road maps for tech at Ego.



Hussain didn’t know of any companies fulfilling the need he had until he found Noibu. Not only does Noibu surface issues automatically, but it also helps users determine which bugs are most important to solve first. Previously, Ego had used other technologies for managing the site but identified that the price to value ratio was low and the tools were “overpriced and under solution.” Oftentimes, newer companies can feel left in the dark when using different SaaS technologies. However, according to Hussain, Noibu felt like the perfect fit as he didn’t have the fear that the company’s goals and product feedback would be overlooked.



Since solving the first error in August 2020, Ego has solved 12 issues with a total ROI of 222.57x. Besides the great financial benefits Ego has seen, Hussain explained that Noibu’s largest benefit was that Noibu “Saved both my hours and the developer’s hours.” Nevertheless, Noibu has fulfilled his goal of having more time to focus on the aspects of the website that will drive growth for the Ego’s brand. Another advantage of using Noibu is that Hussain has identified is that his team members at Ego feel heard by Noibu. Hussain mentioned that “I have given a lot of feedback in terms of the tool, and I have seen a lot of my feedback shown in the product.” At Noibu, we pride ourselves on putting customers first and value whatever feedback we receive.

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