How Bottlestore.com Leverages Noibu to Optimize Their B2B E-commerce Website

One of the leading wholesale suppliers of glass bottles, jars, and containers in the world, Bottlestore.com provides retailers with premium packaging solutions at competitive prices. They’re known for their high-quality products and exceptional customer service.


As a B2B wholesale business, Bottlestore.com must offer frictionless online experiences as their e-commerce site handles significantly higher average order values and any potential disruption in the customer journey could lead to considerable revenue loss.


Therefore, we were curious to understand how Bottlestore.com – a happy Noibu customer for over 2 years now leverages the platform to eliminate website bugs and optimize UX.


We recently sat down with Jessie Kressen, Director of Marketing at Bottlestore.com to chat about her team’s experience with Noibu so far and some of the biggest wins they’ve unlocked with the platform as their error monitoring co-pilot.

What Encouraged the Bottlestore.com Team to Explore Noibu?

Jessie works closely with the internal customer service team and external development agency at Bottlestore.com to oversee the quality of customer experience on the website and address any technical issues that disrupt the user journey.

Back when Jessie decided to partner with Noibu, there were a series of challenges that were top of mind for her. The biggest one was technical errors that were repeatedly popping up on the site and her team’s lack of visibility into them.

She recalls her team struggling with being able to replicate issues that were reported by customers. Issues reported by customer service would lack context and even after being asked multiple questions, customers were unable to provide much insight into the errors they were experiencing.

Site users wouldn’t understand the issues or be able to articulate them in a way that would allow Jessie’s team to recreate them.

With Noibu, the most significant shift that Jessie observed was:

  • The platform took all the guesswork out of customer service’s hands and allowed developers to have the visibility they didn’t have before
  • It provided developers with specific action items that they could follow up with when addressing site issues

“The closest tool we have is a website heatmaps & behavior analytics solution and an observability platform, but they don’t compare in terms of the technology. All of those systems have blindspots and Noibu seems to fit into that blindspot very nicely.”

Noibu’s real-time error detection capabilities as well as revenue impact analysis and prioritization both prompted Jessie to explore the platform.

During the 2-week proof-of-concept process, Jessie and her team discovered errors that would’ve had a significant impact on Bottelstore’s annual revenue if left unaddressed.

Once these errors were detected by Noibu, the development team was able to efficiently resolve them to prevent the predicted revenue loss. The PoC process allowed Jessie’s team to clear the backlog of issues on their site that they previously didn’t even know existed.

How Did the Bottlestore.com Team Detect Errors Before Partnering with Noibu?

The Bottlestore.com team had a fairly ad-hoc workflow of detecting and resolving errors before they signed up for Noibu. The marketing and development team worked closely with the customer service team to troubleshoot site issues and replicate errors reported by customers.

The customer service team would often call customers back to understand issues further and ask for clarifications to provide additional context to the developer, but that process only worked 25% of the time. There was so much that they couldn’t solve given the lack of information, transparency, and insights.

How Did Noibu Transform Bottlestore.com’s Error Detection and Resolution Process?

Once Bottlestore.com’s third-party development partners started using Noibu, they were able to take complete ownership of the error resolution process. They started working directly with the customer service team to resolve customer issues as well as proactively address any errors that might not have been reported yet.

For Jessie, the biggest win was not having to be involved in the operations around error resolution and she could now redirect her bandwidth to more strategic projects. For the development and customer service team, using Noibu completely eliminated the day-to-day hustle of trying to replicate and fix issues without proper context.

Addressing errors detected by Noibu slowly became a part of the agency’s workflows and their weekly check-ins with Jessie.

Here’s how Noibu has helped Bottlestore.com boost their e-commerce KPIs:

Improved Customer Experience

After optimizing their error resolution workflow and process with Noibu, the number of customer complaints that Bottlestore.com’s team would receive dropped dramatically. They had significantly more customers having a positive experience on their site than those having a negative one.

Reduced Revenue Loss

Using Noibu, Jessie was able to prioritize issues that could potentially lead to the highest drop in revenue to systematically reduce the impact of technical errors on conversions and sales. As a B2B business, this becomes even more critical given the higher average cart value.

Increased Efficiency and Time Savings

Noibu allowed Jessie’s team to save all the time that was earlier spent on going back and forth with the customer service team trying to address complaints and focus on higher-priority projects by streamlining the error resolution process.

How Does Noibu Stand Out in Bottlestore.com’s Tech Stack?

“I really appreciate that Noibu is so user-friendly for someone who doesn’t code because most of our internal team members have limited technical knowledge. The way that Noibu organizes and describes issues is very clear and concise and that’s very helpful to us from a management perspective.”

When talking about the particular gap that Noibu fills in Bottlestore.com’s website optimization tech stack, Jessie highlighted that Noibu has much more actionable insights to offer than any other tool. Noibu allows her team to look at issues from the users’ perspective, including actual replays of the error sessions as well as the line of code where the error is present.

When it comes to checkout issues, Jessie and her team can confidently rely on Noibu over any other tool to understand how customers move through the process and the possible friction they face. It had been a major blindspot for the team which Noibu has been able to resolve.

“Overall, Noibu provides a realistic and more accurate description of the error impact on revenue. The numbers are not inflated. A lot of other pieces of software will inflate the return on investment and give more credit than it is due.

Even though there have been several market fluctuations and there are multiple factors that determine how much revenue we recover, I am assured that we have the most robust technology that we can have to prevent revenue loss on our website.”

How Does Noibu Support a Platform Migration?

Jessie talked to us about an e-commerce platform migration they made last year switching from Magento 2.4 to Adobe Commerce Cloud. It was a big upgrade for the team and they have been consistently launching patches and upgrades since the relaunch.

Noibu helped Bottlestore.com troubleshoot after the relaunch which was a big concern for the team. Even though they were upgrading to a more robust platform with better support, they had a lot of legacy custom code which they feared could end up getting affected.

“Noibu really gave us peace of mind through that transition so we could quickly resolve any errors that would occur. After going live, I spent a month knocking out errors in Noibu.”

Long-Term Impact of Noibu on Bottlestore.com’s Business Goals

For Jessie, partnering with Noibu is more of a security initiative that ensures that the Bottlestore.com website continues to function smoothly without any hiccups, especially during key technical milestones such as platform migration, code revisions, new feature launches, etc. The platform adds that layer of security that the customer experience remains unaffected by any technical change or modification.

Jessie believes that having Noibu on as a website co-pilot keeps it well-maintained and healthy, eliminating the need for any periodic audits or checks on their end.

“Overall, I’m very happy with the tool and I can see it being a part of our tech stack indefinitely.”

For Bottlestore.com, Noibu has helped streamline both reactive and proactive error resolution workflows and optimized how their customer service, development, and marketing teams work together to deliver a seamless site experience. If you’re curious to explore how the robust platform can do the same for your business by eliminating revenue-impacting site errors, sign up for a demo today!

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