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DLT Trading is an ever-growing expert in high-quality and hard-to-find knives, quickly carving out a name for itself as a worldwide leader in the custom engraved hunting gear and knife industry.

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Though run by a small engine of people – 7 to be exact – DLT has continued to achieve a 30% YoY growth rate by staying true to its small-town, Midwest family shop feel coupled with lightning fast delivery and competitive prices. Part of its success, too, can be attributed to the focus DLT places on quality customer service, of treating each customer as a long-time friend.




Maintaining its amiable culture has always been a major cornerstone for DLT, and cultivating a friendly and helpful persona online was paramount to this. However, the customer service logs alerted operations manager Paul Edgette that DLT’s eCommerce site (hosted by BigCommerce) was not always delivering on the experience the team was striving towards. Reports of checkout errors and faulty out-of-stock notifications were common complaints and caused friction in their customers’ relationship with the store. Meanwhile, the team was pulling their hair out trying to locate the issues, identify what was causing them, and solve the bugs that could be found.

Without the time, ability, or resources to replicate the errors, efforts to curb the ongoing bugs simply weren’t working. On the rare occasion when the team was able to recreate an error through a sample order, they did not know where it originated. As Edgette put it, “I wear enough hats, and trying to be the super IT, big eCommerce specialist is a hard thing to do on top of all the other responsibilities.




Knowing that ‘Friendly & Helpful’ and ‘Checkout Errors’ are certainly not synonymous, Edgette understood the need to add on expert aid so he and his team could get back to doing what they do best instead of patching up solutions to bugs. Hearing out dozens of vendors, Noibu’s capabilities stood out from the crowd as being best suited to address DLT’s customer journey dilemma.

With Noibu’s platform doing the groundwork to surface and explain checkout errors, and partner Kensium taking over the strategic prioritization and development work to solve the bugs, resolutions came about much faster and easier. In a matter of days, the team noticed a “significant reduction in customer complaints since they started using Noibu.

Most notably, Paul Edgette mentions that with Noibu and Kensium in place, DLT was able to detect and resolve a key error regarding out-of-stock issues.




During the initial implementation year, 15 bugs were solved resulting in a 13.01x ROI. With the help of Kensium coming in during May of 2021, an additional 13 issues were solved – some of which were mission-critical bugs – which further increased ROI and supported a 47% growth in sales.

While the folks at Noibu had cause to celebrate the amount of value DLT was getting from the platform, surprisingly (or maybe unsurprisingly for developers and user experience experts) it was the conversion increases, not the added revenue, that drove home the success of the implementation.

The growth in conversions indicated to the team that customer satisfaction was improving, and it was further proven by the dwindling number of complaints coming in through their site; as Edgette relayed, “less customer complaints equals happier customers.” In fact, since implementing Noibu, the number of customer complaints dropped by 50% in 12 months, which for the DLT team constituted the biggest win.


About Kensium


Kensium simplifies digital commerce for retailers, wholesalers, and distributors by providing the guidance and technology best suited for their long-term success. They are a full-service eCommerce and ERP solutions provider specializing in Adobe Commerce, BigCommerce, and Acumatica Cloud ERP.


About Noibu


Serving SMBs and enterprise customers globally, Noibu is the industry leader in eCommerce error monitoring and lost revenue prevention. Noibu’s software platform monitors your eCommerce site and flags and prioritizes errors that prevent real customers from checking out, while collecting all the information required to quickly resolve them. For more information, visit www.noibu.com.

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