How Capezio uses Noibu to create a better customer journey



Capezio, a leading brand within the dance industry, was founded 134 years ago in Totowa, New Jersey. The company has primarily focused on selling wholesale to various resellers and studios. For Capezio, eCommerce did not become a main focus until 2020 when it pivoted its strategy to become more of a direct to consumer seller. This ultimately led to Capezio having greater control over its brand.


Magnus Gustafsson, Vice President of Global eCommerce and Digital Marketing, explained that this shift caused them to reconsider what their tech stack would be like during this pivotal point of evening out the balance between wholesale and direct to consumer sales.




During this branding shift, Gustafson identified that they were going through major site revampings, including adding third party functionality, new features, customizations, and template changes. Their problem was that they didn’t have good visibility into the impact these changes were having on their site. Gustafson, worried that they were missing key holes in the user experience, was looking for a tool that would help them detect errors so they could be easily surfaced to developers.




Gustafson knew that Capezio needed a platform that would help improve the customer journey that required little intervention from the business user side. Noibu was the perfect fit for them as the platform easily surfaces and prioritizes issues, simplifying the error resolution process. Not only did Noibu help in the error resolution process, Gustafson also recognized that Noibu’s system was easy to implement for his development team. This was particularly important as their development agency already had 3-4 other clients using the platform so they were very familiar with the tool. 




From Magnus Gustafsson’s first conversations with Noibu, he identified that their long term goal was “to make sure that our customers are not our QA department.” Since implementing Noibu, they have seen this change as they now proactively solve issues on their site. Additionally, Gustafsson noted that “we have been very very happy with our relationship with Noibu and the return on investment has even surprised me as it has been better than expected.

Not only does Noibu help Capezio solve errors, they have also benefited from their relationship with their Customer Success Manager as they have set manageable goals and have established roadmaps to achieve them. This way, they ensure that they get the most value out the product.


Hear Magnus Gustafsson’s experience using Noibu:



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