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Moschino, part of Aeffe Group, is an Italian luxury brand based in Milan, Italy. They have a range of products including shoes, leather accessories, perfumes, and luggage. The founder, Franco Moschino, launched the brand in 1983 and since then, Moschino has been one of the most recognized luxury brands in the world. Maria Elena Badioli, the eCommerce Customer Experience Specialist and Executive Assistant for Digital Development, spoke to us about how the company has now internalized eCommerce operations to improve their online brand and maintain their position as a market leader.

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Three years ago they began the process of internalizing the website. As most of the website was powered by an external team, they felt that they did not have control over their page and did not have valuable information about their customers. Badioli mentioned that they felt blind to the errors that were occurring on the site, but they still did get customer call-ins reporting issues. Once they made the shift to have more control over their site, they were ready to find a tool that would help them overcome their challenges with errors and improve their customer experience.




Badioli notes that “We got to know Noibu at the right time. We knew we had some issues to be fixed and when we found that you were providing this service, we started our collaboration in good time”. The eCommerce team at Moschino did not know there was a tool like Noibu out there that could help them with their bug issue. Once Badioli discovered that errors were both an economic problem and a shopping experience problem, it was a no-brainer.




After working with Noibu for a year and a half, Moschino has managed to solve 120 errors on their eCommerce website. Badioli noticed that “when we started the collaboration, the customers were reporting a lot less errors… no news is good news”. With this, Moschino’s customer experience has improved. Beyond an experiential standpoint, the numbers demonstrate their site improvement too with a 99.57x ROI. For Moschino, Noibu was a substantial investment but was evidently well worth it!


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Serving SMBs and enterprise customers globally, Noibu is the industry leader in eCommerce error monitoring and lost revenue prevention. Noibu’s software platform monitors your eCommerce site and flags and prioritizes errors that prevent real customers from checking out, while collecting all the information required to quickly resolve them. For more information, visit www.noibu.com.

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