How ça va de soi maintains customer loyalty by using Noibu



ça va de soi is a high-quality, unique knitwear clothing brand that focuses on the ideal of slow fashion. The family business, based in Montreal, has expanded throughout major Canadian cities including Toronto, Ottawa, and Quebec City. ça va de soi has been delivering an exceptional customer experience to Canadians through its brick-and-mortar stores for over 40 years. In 2013, the firm launched its ecommerce store on Magento 2, so it could sell its product offerings worldwide.



Before using Noibu, ça va de soi only knew when its website was down when a customer called in to complain. The reality of this method of error detection is that customers call in about errors less frequently than they usually occur. This means that errors often go unreported. Kinza Nasri, Art Director at ça va de soi, explained that “If we were to have an add to cart issue, or bugs when the check-out is being finalized, it would have a major impact on our website… customers would get disappointed, causing them to not come back.” Nasri needed a way to prioritize the issues that were happening which were causing customers the most difficulty during shopping on their site and impacting ça va de soi’s ROI the most.




ça va de soi cares deeply about its position as a luxury brand and cannot risk damaging customer relationships. Noibu took a great weight off Nasri’s chest as she felt secure in the fact that she knew which errors needed to be solved first, based on Noibu’s prioritization, so her strong customer loyalty would be maintained.




When the Noibu script was deployed on ça va de soi’s website, the team was able to see that there was an add to cart issue, impacting $250,000 worth of revenue. This was the first error the team solved on the site as it was prioritized due to the large ROI figure attached. Nasri recognizes that Noibu has played an important role in ça va de soi’s online growth and explains that she now feels at ease knowing that Noibu’s error monitoring has got her back.

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