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eCommerce monitoring for streamlined error resolution

Save hours in error reproduction

Connect customer complaints to session recordings

Examine technical details for swift debugging

Be alerted instantly of critical errors

Helping technical teams solve bugs faster

eCommerce developers spend too much time chasing down bugs.

Error reproduction doesn’t have to be a constant headache. With Noibu, you can link customer complaints to sessions, and get all the actionable details needed to jump right into a solution.

“Sidekick for understanding issues that cannot be easily replicated”

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More than just an error monitoring platform.

Save time and effort by avoiding the hassle of searching through countless session recordings. Instantly pinpoint errors in your code, along with recommended solutions.

“One of the most impressive softwares I’ve seen”

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Tools that help technical professionals crush their goals

Your challenges

  • Struggling to reproduce errors?
  • Not getting the right information you need to resolve site issues?
  • Not sure whether an error is truly a priority?
  • Looking to debug errors faster?

With Noibu

  • Access stack trace, browser details, last steps, HTTP Info and more to replicate bugs with ease.
  • Examine technical details down to the source code to ship a quick fix every time.
  • Use nuanced data points to focus in on truly customer-impacting errors.
  • Track errors down to the line of code with a recommended solution.

Developer tab

Resolve errors with confidence

Access stack trace, browser info, last steps, and HTTP details for quicker issue reproduction – with recommended solutions to resolve!


Be reproduction ready

Analyze the final steps before an issue affects the shopper’s session to pinpoint recurring error occurrences in their journey.


Investigate and enhance poorly performing pages

Quantify user experience in sessions using a three-point scale and take action to improve UX.


Correlate code deployments with new issues

Get notified instantly if a code change results in one or more user-impacting issues that block conversion, to swiftly modify or revert altogether.

http error details

Streamline developer workflows

Skip setting log traps by examining HTTP error details – including headers, payloads, and responses – within the Noibu console.

source maps

Take the guesswork out of debugging

Upload a source map for Noibu to pinpoint JavaScript error origins in minified code, down to the original source code.

session search & replays

Watch end-to-end video replay of the shopper journey

Find the session you need and gain insights into a shopper’s online store journey with session videos, revealing their purchase friction.

noibu’s sdk

Enjoy increased flexibility in capturing and processing data

Enables easy customization of captured data for support tickets, surveys, and more, without the need for new code.

See what other top technical teams have to say

“We’ve been using Noibu for two years, across five storefronts. It gives us a lot of visibility into what’s happening behind the scenes in areas that we would no catch. We’re able to fix issues quickly, with little downtime.

“The alignment of errors to profit has been game-changing for me. Noibu’s ability to pinpoint the financial impact of errors is not something I’ve seen before. Because it’s so helpful to know which error we’re losing money on and whether it’s worthy of doing a hotfix.”

“It’s often really hard to replicate an issue that a random customer has, and Noibu’s definitely helped in that aspect. It’s all about the detail your software offers.”

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Frequently asked questions

1. Does Noibu JS slow down my website?

2. How does NoibuJS ensure that private info is not captured during user session recordings?

Our script is developed to not collect or store any user’s private/sensitive data. Noibu is fully compliant with industry standards (GDPR, CCPA, AICPA SOC 2, PCI DSS, etc.). 

3. What errors does Noibu show?

We detect UI errors that can impact add to cart and checkout functionality. These errors can be one-off errors or recurring errors for all customers. Errors can be browser specific, device specific or OS specific. We make the error easy to understand so that you can decide if someone in-house can fix it or if you need to send it to your developer to address. These include JS, HTTP, GQL, third party errors and image errors.

4. What about 3rd party errors?

All third party errors will be captured by Noibu. You’ll be able to easily differentiate between first party and third party errors. The errors can then be actioned to the third party developer using Noibu’s shareable link feature

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