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See What Our Customers Have to Say

"The alignment of errors to profit has been game-changing for me. Noibu’s ability to pinpoint the financial impact of errors is not something I’ve seen before. Because it’s so helpful to know which error we’re losing money on and whether it’s worthy of doing a hotfix."

Todd Purcell

Senior Director E-Commerce Engineering, Ariat International

"The value of this tool is honestly impressive. It provides a lot more data and visibility than anything that we've had before, and I think it's actually going to dramatically increase conversion and improve our customers visits on the website so that they don't get annoyed and rage click and leave."

Jen Pearson

VP of Information Technology & eCommerce, Oak and Fort

"I’m sure every retailer is facing the same problem. It’s hard to make sure that we as a business are operating at 100% on every browser and device known to man."

Fiona Brown

Head of eCommerce and Digital Marketing, Joe Browns

"The value for Ribble is at multiple levels: visibility, speed, accuracy, priority - all things combined results in incredible value."

Matthew Lawson

Chief Digital Officer, Ribble Cycles

"We’ve been using Noibu for two years, across five storefronts. It gives us a lot of visibility into what’s happening behind the scenes in areas that we would no catch. We’re able to fix issues quickly, with little downtime."

Joe Bona

Senior Software Engineer, Barstool Sports

"Noibu is something I definitely would recommend to anybody who is having that frustration with identifying and trying to correlate these different points of information for identifying what the root cause of an issue is within your customers' user experience."

Jared Poole

Solutions Delivery Manager, Bass Pro Shops

"We brought Noibu in, and it has been a huge success. Not only has it helped detect bugs prior to customers calling in and telling us about it, but it has also really helped with me and our engineers to really smooth out our process."

Jennifer Rodriguez

eCommerce Operations Analyst, Guess

"Being able to quantify errors resolved based on revenue saved is irreplaceable for me. I love being able to put a dollar amount to errors, so we actually know what level of priority it is."

Martine Knight

Director Digital Commerce, Nudestix

"Since we were still receiving new orders every day, we never expected to have an issue with the checkout, and we wouldn’t have found it without Noibu."

Nathalie Giroux

eCommerce Project Manager, Fruits & Passion

"We're trying to be more consumer focused. And the fact that we can put a dollar value next to an error allowed us to have a business case to justify the work relative to the internal users such that we were able to create a better balance."

Eric Kelsey

Senior Technical Product Manager, Champion


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