Noibu Prioritizes Your Data & Information Security

Our customers, across multiple industries and platforms, trust Noibu with their websites and data. To ensure we keep this trust, Noibu instills industry best practices, robust security infrastructure and comprehensive policies to protect the information and data of our clients, partners, and ourselves.

Infrastructure Security

All Noibu backend services are hosted on Google Cloud which tracks and monitors all activity. Permissions are strictly managed and there are a select number of system administrators. Any escalated access to infrastructure requires 2-factor authentication.

Data Encryption

Data to and from Noibu’s servers is encrypted in transit.

Failover & Disaster Recovery

Noibu’s production infrastructure is built with redundancies in place, in highly-available configurations, spread over different availability zones. Additionally, critical information is backed up on tightly secured offline data centers.

Inventory & Configuration

Infrastructure is kept as code using configuration files with changes going through a process very similar to the application-level software development process. We have separate environments and infrastructure for testing, staging and production with no sharing of data in between-environments.

Identity & Access Control

Permissions and access to production environments are only granted to a select group of Noibu employees who require it. All passwords are stored and hashed using strong cryptographic algorithms. All access to critical infrastructure is protected via 2FA.

Monitoring & Logging

Monitoring of performance and overall infrastructure health is a priority, and managed through a careful process which allows delegated employees to be notified of if there are any anomalies before they reach our customers.

If you would like to know more about Noibu’s data and information security policies and procedures, please reach out to us.

Read more information on our privacy policy & GDPR commitment

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