E-commerce Expert Nabil Malouli of DHL: How to Master Supply Chain and Customer Satisfaction

Nabil Malouli on The E-commerce Toolbox

Change is the only constant, and e-commerce is not an exception. With all the challenges lying ahead, the industry also comes with plenty of opportunities to thrive in the digital world.

However, winning requires more than identifying and understanding market trends; it demands an in-depth knowledge of logistics, customer engagement, and sustainable growth strategies. This is where insights from industry experts become priceless.

One such expert is Nabil Malouli, SVP of Global E-commerce and Returns at DHL, who joined host Kailin Noivo on the latest episode of The E-commerce Toolbox: Expert Perspectives to dive into the critical role of supply-chain excellence in mid-market success, how profitability and streamlining returns are crucial for sustainable growth in E-commerce, and how D2C brands can scale success through customer satisfaction and efficient operations.

The Foundation of E-commerce Success

Drawing from his experiences across China, Brazil, the US, and France, Nabil points out the importance of adaptability and cultural intelligence. He suggests using the strengths of diverse cultures to improve problem-solving and leadership strategies rather than limiting them to stereotypes.

Equally important is being receptive to learning from different customs and implementing the best practices to promote innovation and growth within teams. The mindset of adaptability and cultural sensitivity is the bedrock of creating a dynamic team capable of innovating and problem-solving at the highest levels.

Nabil Malouli on the foundation of e-commerce success

The Unshakeable Pillars of Profitability

Growing revenue in e-commerce can be achieved through multiple strategies. However, profitability relies on an efficient supply chain. Without that, your strategy becomes ineffective.

“To make that process profitable and a well-executed supply chain is an absolute imperative. There’s no other way around. You cannot grow and scale a business efficiently and e-commerce business if you don’t have a well-tight supply chain.”

Of course, businesses that use models requiring little supply chain interaction, such as drop shipping, encounter few entry barriers. Nevertheless, they face considerable competition risk.

Noting the achievements of major players like Amazon and Walmart, Nabil Malouli highlights that investing in supply chain management grants a competitive advantage, especially when your business grows. Moreover, for companies reaching or exceeding 100 million in gross merchandise value, focusing on logistics is vital.

Do You Know What Your True IP Really Is?

Manufacturing is the be-all and end-all of product-based business success. Right? In a way, this was probably true some 10-20 years ago. However, as Nabil suggests, “I don’t think that manufacturing is the ultimate IP.”

Think of Apple. The company doesn’t manufacture its own products. Despite that, it has achieved remarkable success by focusing on product quality, brand strength, and an exceptional supply chain experience.

The reason is simple. We live in a world where consumers demand both high-quality products and seamless buying experiences. From last-mile delivery to trouble-free returns, the logistics behind how products reach consumers can significantly impact brand loyalty.

How D2C Giants Are Turning the Tide for Financial Success

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, a good amount of D2C brands have shifted their focus from relentless growth to prioritizing profitability. This shift comes as these companies face a downturn in their overall revenue.

It might sound obvious, but Nabil reminds us once again that focusing on profit is not a passing phase but a key aspect of your business strategy. Moreover, he points out the importance of improving digital return processes and operational efficiency to boost customer loyalty, sustainability, and, ultimately, financial performance.

Listen to the Full Episode Below!

Tune in to this episode of The E-commerce Toolbox: Expert Perspectives with Nabil Malouli and Kailin Noivo to learn more about the role of supply-chain excellence in mid-market success.

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