How Noibu helped Nudestix uncover and resolve errors on Shopify Plus

This case study will discuss how Noibu is able to help Makeup and Skincare brand, Nudestix Inc., detect, uncover, and resolve issues with Shopify Plus as their eCommerce platform.


We sat down with Martine Knight, Sr. eCommerce & Digital Manager at Nudestix, to discuss her presumptions and realities when it comes to website bugs on Shopify Plus. Many professionals in the eCommerce industry tend to have the idea that Shopify is a platform that has no errors. 

But is that the reality?


Does Shopify = No Bugs? ????

I’m sure you’re familiar with Benjamin Franklin’s quote, “In this world, nothing is certain, except death and taxes”. Well… website errors, too, unfortunately.

Errors are inevitable due to a plethora of different reasons. We’ll take this time to paint the picture of why errors still happen with Shopify Plus users, as Maxine experiences, like many others.

There are many external factors outside of your control, such as third party applications, different internet browsers that are always updating (Chrome alone has gone through 107 versions to date, so far…), and what seems like an ever-growing list of payment options for online consumers. All of these contribute to an increased risk that errors will occur.

These errors can have a very real impact that hurt your business goals and customer experience, and are rarely reported on or caught.

This is a big reason why Nudestix found value in Noibu: they now have the ability to see that 80% of errors weren’t even making their way into the spotlight, even though they were negatively impacting conversions the whole time, behind the scenes.


Uncovering the truth ????

Prior to Noibu, like many other eCommerce teams, Nudestix was in the dark about a majority of website errors lurking in the shadows. The team was only aware of issues surfaced by the small percentage of customers willing to voice their poor experiences, through manual QA, or through internal feedback via colleagues or founders.

Maxine goes on to explain that “once we implemented Noibu, errors were being brought to our attention. It was a much easier way for us to identify what we had never discovered before.” This was because a lot of the errors Noibu is able to uncover for teams tend to get hidden away when on Shopify’s platform. Before Noibu’s implementation, there was a false sense of security on Shopify Plus that there weren’t any truly detrimental errors at play. That of course changed when Noibu was brought on.

“We were only really reporting on the more cosmetic issues, because we could see them, but there were things happening in the background that we wouldn’t have ever known about.” She says.


Now, with 100% of website bugs surfaced for Nudestix, the company is able to “hold Noibu responsible for being the source of truth” for their website health and error detection.

You may still be wondering what kinds of errors can still occur on a platform like Shopify Plus. Here’s a real user encountering an error that our platform was able to detect and record for Nudestix:

^ Above we can see a user trying to add a product to their cart with no success. 


Truthfully, this is very common, along with rage clicks, slow load speeds, image sizing or loading issues, broken buttons and of course check out and add to cart issues. Speaking with hundreds of other eCommerce brands utilizing Shopify’s services, we hear about these time and time again.


So Shopify has errors, too. Now what? ????

Knowing there are errors is great. However, that only becomes one piece of the puzzle.

Your next order of business needs to be deciding which ones to work on.

For Nudestix, life before Noibu meant prioritizing errors based largely on gut-feel, and how the team felt certain errors would impact the customer journey. All of this was then manually logged and tracked, resulting in a “hectic and chaotic” process.

With Noibu, the team was enabled to make data-driven decisions when it came to error prioritization and resolution. Martine could dive in and know definitively which errors were having the largest negative impact on Nudestix’s bottom line.

Not only that, but they could finally put a dollar amount to the work that was being done.

I love being able to put a dollar amount to [our errors]. So we actually know what level of priority it should be. I think that’s the most useful instance of [Noibu], for sure.” Martine continued, “Being able to quantify errors resolved based on revenue saved is irreplaceable for me.


How Noibu helped Nudestix ????

In just 4 short months, the Nudestix team was able to make a definitively positive contribution to the business.

“We’ve been able to uncover and solve 32 high priority issues, which we can attribute to $96,481 of revenue saved in just 4 months…”


In the words of author Jim Rohn, “You can get more money, but you cannot get more time”. With Noibu, you get both. In addition to the revenue attribution, the team at Nudestix was able to put time back into their busy schedules and increase productivity.

With the reduction or elimination of manual bug tracking, replicating errors, manual screen recordings, amongst other tedious tasks, Noibu gives Martine more time to focus on the products that they are putting out to consumers – “I would be a lot busier without Noibu”, she admitted.

Before Noibu, Nudestix was utilizing roughly 80% of their agency’s monthly hours on trying to replicate and resolve bugs. They have now dramatically reduced this down to 20% with Noibu, allowing their agency to be more focused on driving the growth of their product and business forward. 

That 60% in added efficiency towards bug fixes equates to 72 hours (9 working days!) of time saved, per month, of agency time. ????

So whether Shopify Plus has seemingly decreased the errors you are made aware of, or you’ve fallen victim to the tale that Shopify will be the end to all your website bugs, Noibu can help you uncover the errors that will truly matter and have a real impact to your business’ bottom line.

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