How Joe Browns made their developers happier by implementing Noibu


Founder Simon Brown located in Yorkshire, United Kingdom, started Joe Browns 23 years ago. Established as a women’s wear brand, they have since launched a menswear and, more recently, a home-line collection. The omni-channel brand functions out of two brick-and-mortar locations, and sells wholesale and direct to consumers both through their eCommerce site and through catalogues. The company’s goal is to deliver unique pieces to their customers that make them feel fabulous and remarkable. 

Fiona Brown has been with Joe Browns since 2018 where she is the Head of eCommerce and Digital Marketing. She is in charge of optimizing and ensuring the website stays up and running, working with different development teams, and marketing across digital channels such as affiliates and social media. Brown spoke with us about her experiences both before and after using Noibu.


Fiona Brown found Noibu at a timely moment for her team. They had transitioned to Magento 2 nearly 12 months prior and were getting the hang of the new updates on their site. It was the perfect timing for them as they were ready to take the next step for their website, which was detecting the errors that they knew were lurking. Brown indicated that “I’m sure every retailer is facing the same problem. It’s hard to make sure that we as a business are operating at 100% on every browser and device known to man. We would spend a lot of time trying to replicate issues and get the whole scenario but customers don’t always know what browser they use or what device they are on.”


She saw Noibu as an “opportunity to not only be able to pinpoint areas that we weren’t necessarily seeing on a day to day basis… but also it gives the developers the insight they need in order to make quick fixes so we would use that time productively.” At Joe Brown, they are always trying to put development time into building out new website features and initiatives, so they needed to maximize this time. Noibu “seemed to meet an itch that we had and couldn’t quite find the right product for and I had not seen a product the same as Noibu on the marketplace.” With that, they became an onboarded customer.


From March 2021 to June 2021, Joe Browns solved 7 errors and achieved an ROI of 48.35x. Beyond that, Noibu has exceeded Joe Browns’ expectations in terms of implementation with both their internal and external developers. Worried that she was going to be bombarding developers with more work, Fiona Brown said Noibu has been received really well.

The developers are happier because ultimately they are doing what they like doing, which is the development side of things and not necessarily the replication of bugs.”

It has also been received well by their customer support team, says Brown. Instead of needing to hunt down information from customers, it can be found using Noibu. Overall, it has been easier for everyone. Fiona Brown’s final remark was that at the end of the day, Noibu has the developer at the heart of it so customers can be sure that errors get solved. It’s a software that works and actually gets used.

About Noibu

Serving SMBs and enterprise customers globally, Noibu is the industry leader in eCommerce error monitoring and lost revenue prevention. Noibu’s software platform monitors your eCommerce site and flags and prioritizes errors that prevent real customers from checking out, while collecting all the information required to quickly resolve them. For more information, visit www.noibu.com.

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