Noibu Has Been Ranked Canada’s 8th Top Growing Company of 2023 by The Globe and Mail

Noibu ranked 8th top growing company

Every year, The Globe and Mail launches a business report ranking Canada’s Top Growing Companies by three-year revenue growth. This year, the fifth annual report features 425 businesses across the country (ranging from 3 to 9000 employees). With a three-year revenue growth of 3853%, Noibu was ranked in the 8th spot among this list of trailblazers, making 2023 the second consecutive year that Noibu has been featured in the report.

Noibu ranked 8th top growing company

We’re absolutely thrilled to receive this honor and couldn’t be more humbled by the trust our customers have put in Noibu. Our incredible growth journey is a product of our passionate team’s persistent hard work and pursuit of excellence. We’re only getting started and recognitions like these motivate us to keep marching forward and aim higher.

Noibu - The Robust Error Monitoring Solution for High-Growth eCommerce Teams

In the past five years that Noibu has been around, we’ve had a singular vision – to streamline error monitoring for eCommerce teams. We’ve had the rare opportunity and privilege of working with some of the fastest-growing eCommerce brands in the world, looking to transform how they detect, prioritize, and resolve errors.

Noibu error monitoring dashboard

From helping product and IT managers proactively detect revenue-impacting errors to empowering developers to reproduce and resolve bugs in record time – Noibu enables eCommerce teams to optimize their error-monitoring workflows and


  • Reduce or eliminate the impact of errors on revenue
  • Reduce error resolution times by up to 70%

  • Proactively address issues that customers have not reported yet 


As Noibu was designed exclusively for eCommerce businesses, the platform provides IT teams with error resolution suggestions and insights that are highly specific to the industry. Moreover, what sets Noibu apart is that it provides engineering teams with all the technical details they require to resolve bugs, down to the exact line of code that needs fixing (even for minified code). 

What Lies Ahead for Noibu?

With 2024 fast approaching, we’re all set to embark on our journey towards becoming the go-to eCommerce monitoring solution for teams looking to supercharge growth for their online stores. From flagging revenue-impacting errors across the customer shopping journey to reporting bugs caused by third-party integrations to streamlining prioritization workflows, Noibu is going to redefine the world of eCommerce monitoring


In the coming months, Noibu is on the path to becoming an end-to-end eCommerce monitoring solution focused entirely on empowering online retailers to deliver frictionless shopping experiences that overcome cart abandonment and convert better. 

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