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Let’s face it – In a world where human attention span is constantly being compared to a goldfish, there’s no acceptable excuse for a shoddy user experience on any website. But, ensuring a seamless and delightful UX requires going above and beyond to continuously keep a tab on site performance and how visitors are interacting with it. 

Website monitoring is that one silver bullet to routinely tracking the performance of a site and validating that users are able to interact with it as intended, with no potential hiccups. In this post, we shall break down website monitoring, why you should consider investing in it, and reliable software to get started on your journey to a frictionless user experience

What is Website Monitoring?

Website monitoring is the process of regularly evaluating and verifying your site performance, functionality, and usage to ensure that it’s working like a well-oiled machine and visitors are delivered a flawless experience. It’s a proactive approach to maintaining site stability that involves rigorous testing and meticulously tracking user sessions to pinpoint (and resolve) any roadblocks that may be hampering the customer journey. 

Why Should You Invest in a Website Monitoring Tool?

There’s a plethora of reasons for investing in a website monitoring software that certainly promise you a solid bang for your buck. Let’s look at some of the key ones: 

Allows You to Resolve Issues Proactively

If data is the new oil of the digital economy, your website is the most valuable reserve at your disposal. A website monitoring tool empowers you to leverage your eCommerce site data to proactively gauge user journeys to detect and resolve issues before they become threats to your business. By granularly tracking each site session and identifying bugs that could be frustrating users, you can address them before they do more damage and cause further revenue loss. 

Helps Maintain Search Engine Rankings

Website monitoring enables you to track the search engine performance of your pages and ensure their SEO rankings are maintained. Any hiccups with the overall user experience adversely impact SEO rankings and keeping a tab on it proactively allows you to make the necessary optimizations well in time before your site’s position is affected.

Helps You Step Into Your Customers’ Shoes and Empathize Better

A website monitoring tool allows you to replay user sessions and really step into visitors’ shoes to experience your site from their perspective. This not only allows you to empathize with your customers better and the frustration they are experiencing, but also reproduce those errors efficiently to determine the corresponding root cause. Therefore, a robust monitoring software would help bridge the gap between visitor pain points and your hypotheses to pinpoint exactly what needs fixing to improve user experience, avoid drop-offs, and prevent revenue loss.

Noibu - The Leader in the Holistic Website Monitoring and Revenue Recovery

At Noibu, we’ve been on a mission to revolutionize website monitoring and error detection for fast-growing businesses that are invested in removing the frustration out of eCommerce experiences. Our website monitoring software is built to help you detect, prioritize, and resolve errors without having to rely on customer support tickets, guesswork, or manual QA.


Here’s how Noibu’s intuitive platform makes website monitoring a breeze: 

Detects all Website Errors

Most website monitoring tools are designed to only capture errors that are triggered most frequently and have the highest visibility. Not Noibu! Our console captures 100% of all errors that any user encounters that you can prioritize and address accordingly. This ensures that no bug – regardless of how big or small it is, gets missed and is reported along with the business impact it has. 

detect all website errors with Noibu

Reduces Error Resolution Time

The Noibu console detects and reports errors in real-time as users are facing them along with all critical technical information developers need to reproduce and resolve them. This essentially brings down the error resolution time by almost 70% by providing all technical information required for fast, efficient, and accurate reproduction. 

reduce error resolution time with Noibu

Helps Recover Lost Revenue

What really sets Noibu apart is that the console is designed to report the corresponding revenue loss that each bug is causing. For example, if an error at the checkout page prevents users from selecting their desired payment method, the annual revenue loss that it would lead to if the error is not fixed is calculated based on the average order value and presented on the dashboard. This can streamline the prioritization of bugs so that the ones with the highest business impact can be addressed before others. 

recover lost revenue with noibu

Identifies Root Causes of Customer Complaints

Of the 5-10% of customers who take the time to report issues they face on a site, very few of those complaints can be actually traced back to the technical root cause or error. Most support tickets aren’t comprehensive enough to provide the information developers need to reproduce and resolve bugs effectively and often lead to dead-end complaints. With Noibu, root causes can be identified down to the exact line of code, thus empowering tech teams to make data-backed decisions and fix bugs efficiently.  

identify root cause of customer complaints with Noibu

Need another reason to give Noibu a try? Noibu was recently ranked the #1 website monitoring software solution by Tech Times and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be recognized as the leader in the space. Get a free checkout audit to experience the magic of Noibu and uncover errors that could be hampering conversions on your website. 

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