How Stroili Oro detected 26 revenue-impacting errors and resolved 7 within the first three months of using Noibu



Founded in 1996 in Amaro, Italy, Stroili Oro is a world-renowned jewelry brand and is one of the largest retailers in Italy. The company operates an omni-channel strategy that includes an ecommerce store, 380 directly operated stores and 800 wholesale outlets across Italy, Germany, Spain, China, Russia and the Middle East.



Luca Gerini, Director of Ecommerce at Stroili, explained that he “Knew that the website had errors. But the very tricky part of this job is that you don’t know when and where those errors occur.” With very little feedback from customers, Gerini would survey customers and ask if they had encountered any problems while shopping. Not only was this method limited because it depended on customers being willing to participate, but it also didn’t solve the detection problems. Customers could report an error, but it didn’t mean the team would find it.




The main motivation for Gerini to use Noibu was the automated error detection feature. Noibu analyzes every visitor session on the Stroili website for errors. From there, every single error detected is listed and prioritized, based on potential lost ROI, on the Noibu dashboard for Gerini and his team to review.




Within the first three months of using Noibu, Stoili detected 26 website errors, solved 7 revenue-impacting errors and saved more that 12 hours of work per month looking for errors and information about them. Gerini notes “We have been solving more errors than ever before. And my development agency is happy too since it saves them time as well.” As the Director of Ecommerce, he also has more time to focus on website development and new areas of the business.

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