How QRFS uses Noibu to detect errors they couldn’t find on their own



Quick Response Fire Supply (QRFS) is a distributor of fire supply equipment with distribution facilities across the United States. One of the company’s core problems that it strives to solve is giving customers access to specific parts. QRFS has over 10,000 unique product SKUs online and has the support of both US and Canadian manufacturers, distributors, importers and vendors. Evidently, accessibility is central to the company’s success.



Before using Noibu, Jason Hugo, Founder and President of QRFS, was always concerned about having bugs on the website. If conversion dropped for a day or a customer called in an error, he would go searching for bugs and would try to figure out what was going wrong. He didn’t know what was impacting his revenue and needed a way to detect the errors that he couldn’t find himself.




QRFS needed something that quantified and documented what it couldn’t do before, something that validated the team’s worst fear: that there were many errors. Jason identified that his team “Needed a little technical genie in our pocket to come out and tell us that we’re not crazy and that something is wrong.”




Hugo purchased Noibu’s software and continues to use Noibu because it gives him the freedom and the set of eyes he was looking for on his website to detect the errors he couldn’t find on his own. Noibu alleviated his pain by allowing him to fix these bugs that hurt conversion by giving him a consistent way to find them.



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