The Ultimate AI Tech Stack for Your eCommerce Business

eCommerce AI Tech stack

As AI takes the world by storm, eCommerce is one of the industries that has witnessed the biggest transformation in terms of how emerging technologies are leveraged to streamline operations, improve customer experience, and boost efficiency across functions.


Given the high stakes and promising results that AI-backed eCommerce growth strategies offer, jumping on the AI bandwagon is an absolute no-brainer in today’s competitive landscape. However, getting started with AI is not at all a cakewalk. 


So, if you’re just getting started with leveraging AI for your eCommerce business and could use some diffraction into which tools and solutions are worth investing in, this blog post will come in handy. 


Read along for the ultimate AI tech stack that you can invest in for your eCommerce business to catapult growth and stay ahead of the competition. 

Brand and Marketing

SEO Content Generation with Surfer SEO AI

Surfer SEO AI helps fast-growing eCommerce content marketing teams produce undetectable search-engine-optimized content that generates website traffic and search engine rankings. 


From delivering articles on any given topic based on keywords and users’ search intent to optimizing it for search engines, Surfer SEO AI does it all within minutes. The tool is built on its own proprietary AI algorithm and promises unique, well-researched, and high-quality content to help you reduce manual content creation effort. 

surfer SEO

Social Media Assistance with Flick

Regardless of the industry a brand operates in, its digital presence is incomplete without a comprehensive social media strategy that helps build the brand voice and partake in ongoing and relevant conversations. However, what most brands struggle with is being consistent and regular with their content. 


Flick’s AI assistant promises to supercharge your social media workflows by sourcing unique and engaging content ideas, crafting personalized brand captions, auto-generating hashtags, and efficiently scheduling posts. Therefore, from content creation and brainstorming to repurposing and scheduling, Flick does it all with efficiency, so your team can bank on a robust social media strategy. 

Design Automation with Designs.AI

Don’t you wish you could design logos, videos, and banners for your eCommerce website within minutes?  Designs.AI makes that possible by leveraging AI to create captivating visuals in just under 2 minutes! 


So, even if your creative juices aren’t flowing or you don’t have enough design bandwidth, you don’t have to be bottlenecked and can always rely on graphics generated by Designs.AI for your campaigns. 


Reputation Management with Brand24

Whether your brand receives a mention on social channels or there is a shift in the overall sentiment toward your brand, Brand24 ensures you are notified in real time and are up to date with the online conversations surrounding your brand. 


This allows you to Identify emerging trends and key events that you can capitalize on and ongoing conversations that you can partake in. You are also provided with GPT-powered recommendations to improve your brand’s presence, reach, and overall sentiment on social platforms. 


Analytics and Predictive Modelling

Predictive Intelligence with Qualtrics

Predictive intelligence from Qualtrics provides detailed and granular insights into shopper sentiment and what makes customers click, so teams can target each customer segment with personalized and unique offers, promotions, and rewards. 


Its intuitive dashboards allow eCommerce teams to predict customer behavior and what is likely to get them to convert, so they can prioritize actions with the biggest impact. 


Customer Analytics with Tableau

Tableau by Salesforce is a one-stop solution for intelligent eCommerce decision-making based on automated insights gathered from the analysis of millions of data points across customer journeys. 


By relying on Tableau, you are guaranteed smarter visualization as well as highly accurate predictions and recommendations. Tableau leverages AI to transform how eCommerce data is collected, organized, and used to improve shopping experiences. 


Smart Inventory Management and Merchandising

Demand Forecasting with Remi AI

Tailor-made for retail and eCommerce enterprises, Remi AI is a supply chain management and demand forecasting tool that leverages the power of AI to accurately predict customer demand and hence streamline everyday operations with agility


From seasonality and market trends to weather and customer shopping patterns, Remi forecasting AI engine automates demand prediction and helps you react and adapt quicker to changes in the market. So, instead of guessing what your customers might like or need, Remi allows you to predict demand and accordingly make stocking decisions. 

Dynamic Pricing Automation with Sniffie.io

From market changes and seasonality to competitor pricing and fluctuations in demand, Sniffie.io takes it all into consideration before recommending the best prices for your products that would maximize profits and sales. 


Sniffle allows eCommerce teams to boost conversions and profitability by making smarter pricing decisions based on insights derived from machine learning-backed software that crunches massive amounts of data to determine the right price for a certain product at a particular time.  


Category Merchandising with Klevu

Klevu helps eCommerce businesses optimize category pages to maximize conversions by leveraging AI-powered merchandising that delivers streamlined category navigation. From automatically re-ordering products in search results, category pages, and product recommendations based on shopper behavior and purchase patterns to fine-tuning listing pages, Klevu helps shoppers navigate smartly and reach products they are most likely to add to cart. Ultimately, for eCommerce businesses, Klevu helps boost productivity as well as top-line revenue. 


Customer Support

Conversational AI Chatbot with Boost.AI

For eCommerce businesses, the quality of support can make or break the customer experience. Boost.AI helps make customer service chatbot interactions more conversational and human and less robotic. Its conversational AI chatbot is designed to tackle complex human interactions with personalized responses. 


The purpose of the tool is to understand the user intent behind each input and learn from every conversation to deliver more accurate results. Boost AI automates queries on virtually any topic – ranging from product information to order returns. 


Personalization Chatbot with Certainly.io

Marketed as a “digital twin of your best salesperson”, Certainly.io is an AI chatbot built to maximize profits by offering intelligent product recommendations, reducing returns, and upselling. Powered by Large Language Models (LLMs), Certainly specializes in contextual understanding to avoid customer frustration and boost average order values. 


Certainly also helps reduce the burden on customer support agents by deflecting queries to the self-service that operates in over 100 languages around the clock. Apart from assisting customers, the AI-based platform is designed to collect insights into customer shopping behavior and patterns to help you get to know your target audience better without relying on zero-party and first-party data! 


Personalization and Product Recommendations

Personalized AI Product Recommendation Engine with Vue.AI

Hypercontextualized product recommendations can be game-changing in boosting online shopping experiences and helping improve average order values. Vue.AI’s product personalization engine is designed to provide online shoppers with relevant products across their shopping journeys that are simply hard to ignore. 

These recommendations are based on their buying preferences and search intent, as well as trends and demand. The AI-based engine uses rich product and customer data to match every single shopper’s preferences in real-time. The outcome? Watch your engagement and conversion metrics go north and to the right with intelligent personalization! 


Omnichannel Personalization Platform with Dynamic Yield

Looking to leverage hyper-personalization at scale? Dynamic Yield is the ideal solution built to help personalize every shopper touchpoint, across devices and channels. Personalize end-to-end customer journeys with this AI-enabled powerhouse of a tool that crafts cohesive experiences for modern shoppers. 


From improving product discoverability and targeting better to recommending smartly, Dynamic Yield helps eliminate data silos by unifying your personalization efforts and empowering you to engage cohesively with your customers. 

Dynamic Yield

Website Personalization with Intellimize

Intellimize is another comprehensive AI-powered tool designed for eCommerce website optimization that stages tailored experiences to turn casual browsers into loyal customers. If you’re looking to transform your eCommerce website into a conversion magnet through personalized shopping experiences, Intellimize could be the tool for you. 


After analyzing over 10 billion web pages, Intellimize showcases unique variations to visitors to improve the likelihood of them converting. The tool combines the capabilities of A/B testing with the limitless power of AI and ML to serve specific variations of your web page to visitors which are tailor-designed to drive higher conversions. 


eCommerce Monitoring

Noibu: The Robust eCommerce Monitoring Solution

Given the competitive nature of the eCommerce landscape today where online shoppers have very little patience for poor website experiences or friction in online user journeys, there is absolutely no excuse for website errors that lead to customer frustration. However, the harsh reality is that website errors are inevitable and the best you can do to reduce their impact is to detect and resolve bugs before they hamper your conversions and cart abandonment rate


A one-of-its-kind tool that makes error monitoring, prioritization, and resolution a breeze for eCommerce businesses, Noibu is built to detect 100% of all errors that occur on any eCommerce website. Noibu automatically detects website errors, prioritizes them based on the impact they have on your revenue, and provides the technical details required to resolve them (down to the exact line of code). 

session replays in Noibu

Not only do you get to address revenue-impacting errors in real-time, but also save on resolution time by up to 70%. Designed for business teams, product managers, and engineers alike, Noibu helps streamline the entire error detection and resolution process for eCommerce businesses to ensure minimal impact on customer experience and conversions. 


Ready to experience the magic of Noibu for your online store? Sign up for a free checkout audit to uncover errors that could be impacting your sales.

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