It’s time for your eCommerce site’s checkup!

OTTAWA, March 9th, 2021 –

Have you ever sprained an ankle or broken a wrist? 

If you have, you probably went to the hospital or a doctor’s office right away to get it looked at. You’d be pretty silly not to, right?

Well, any doctor you don’t find in the basement of an abandoned Blockbuster will probably tell you to stay off that ankle for a while. Or they might say, “Maybe next time you should practice your karate chops with styrofoam first and work your way up to bricks.”

Solid advice either way. 

The point is: when you’re hurt, you consult the professionals. And the same should be true for your eCommerce website.

No, thankfully your website can’t get injured but it can have errors — the sprained ankles of the internet…or something.

When a visitor encounters an error on your site, they’re likely to abandon their cart and might think twice about coming back to shop in the future.

With Noibu’s checkout audit, you can find out if your site is producing errors and get an estimate of how much it’s costing you in revenue. We like to think of it as your site’s regular health check-up. 

It’s a simple procedure—we just plug a snippet of code into your site’s header, which allows us to track any errors it produces. 

After about 10 days, we’ll let you know how many times visitors to your site encountered errors and how much those errors cost you in revenue. We’ll also include videos of the errors and their projected impact on your sales for the year.

And remember, Noibu is headquartered in Canada so your website’s checkup is free!

Look, if you walk on that sprained ankle or keep choppin’ those bricks, you’re only going to make things worse. Just like errors, injuries compound the longer they’re left unresolved. 

A broken link here, a bad gateway there? No biggie. But put ‘em together and you’ve got yourself a pretty subpar user experience. 

Here are some (not so) fun facts about eCommerce errors:

  • 90% of errors go unreported by customers.
  • 5-10% of annual revenue on eCommerce sites is lost to errors.
  • 70-80% of errors cannot be solved by developers due to a lack of information.

You’ve worked hard to make sure your website does what it’s designed to do — drive visitors to your checkout page — and with a clean bill of health, it’ll do just that.

Book your free checkout audit and give your site the world-class treatment it deserves.

Doctor Noibu will see you now.

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