How Does Noibu Help Customers Succeed?

An overview of what customers can expect in their relationship with Noibu’s #1 rated Customer Success team.
how does Noibu help customers succeed

Noibu’s customer success team was recently designated as #1 in Quality of Support out of all Website Monitoring tools on G2.

What can customers expect from their ongoing partnership with Noibu’s customer success teams? 


At its very core, our success team is incredibly hands-on and proactive. Every Noibu customer is assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM)*, and that CSM’s performance is measured against and directly tied to their clients’ success. They are essentially an extension of a customer’s team.

Before getting set up with their dedicated CSM, all new customers will start their journey with an Onboarding Specialist. Noibu’s Onboarding Specialists will organize 1:1 training to ensure that everyone working in and around the product knows how to do so effectively and efficiently. They will align on company, team, as well as individual goals, and work to ensure everything is in place within the customer’s account (including workflows and priorities) to achieve those goals.

Further, our technical solutions team (whom customers have a direct line to) have been exposed to hundreds of different eCommerce setups – both custom and out of the box – and can work with customers to provide additional valuable insights and resolution suggestions to technical issues.

For the last 12 months, Noibu’s cumulative Net Promoter Score (NPS) has been sitting at 60. In comparison, the industry average NPS for SaaS companies is 41.

*Each CSM has a limited number of clients they will be assigned to, so as to ensure every customer gets the time, attention, and care they need.

With you from the start: Onboarding

The customer onboarding journey is specifically tailored to meet the individual needs of each company. Noibu’s Onboarding Specialist presents a proposed onboarding journey based on your company’s makeup, and is completely flexible to ensure your team is comfortable and confident with the platform.

The initial kickoff call will be the time to align on overall company and team goals. The onboarding specialist will align on the KPIs that everyone on the customer’s team are committed to and what metrics they are looking to improve.

From there, the onboarding specialist will set up training sessions with all relevant teams. These sessions will be tailored to fit customers business goals and existing workflows. We also want to ensure everyone that wants to be trained on the product can be trained, so if more pin-pointed training is required, our specialists can set up additional sessions.

“No one is ever being thrown into the product with no idea as to what they need to do. Every player is trained up and 100% ready to go.”

After product training, a customer’s Onboarding Specialist will go through a workflow check in with the team, from start to finish, to make sure there are no gaps and that everyone’s roles and responsibilities are clear.

By the end of the onboarding period, customers can expect to have their:

1. First site bug resolved, at minimum
2. General workflow ironed out
3. Staff trained on how to use the tool and prioritize bugs
4. Developers understand where to go to find the right data
5. A clear mutual understanding of what success means to the company when using Noibu to facilitate a long term relationship

From here, customers are assigned a CSM who will be their main ongoing point of contact within Noibu.

Continued Partnership: Customer Success

Unlike most SaaS-based companies, where the support offering is usually limited to answering tickets and customer call-ins, Noibu offers a truly collaborative customer success function to all customers regardless of their business size.

The role of a Noibu CSM in their client relationship is to create a partnership. CSMs are responsible for continuously teaching and making proactive suggestions around error prioritization and triaging. Within the partnership, CSMs will:

1. Help customers understand how to use the data collected in the tool to debug and investigate issues,

2. Teach users how to find unique customer sessions and how to tie them back to customer tickets,

3. Proactively keep in contact with teams to ensure consistent use of the tool and to maximize customers’ ROI, and

4. Communicate any product feedback from customers back to Noibu’s product and development teams.

Part of this relationship also involves regular check-in meetings with product users. These can happen as frequently as the customer would like and are set with their individual CSM. It is during these meetings, also known as QBRs (Quarterly Business Reviews), that CSMs: review and make recommendations as to what new errors to focus on in the funnel, update and train the team on any new features that have been launched, reiterate and realign on any new company goals, track progress towards an aggressive ROI, and gather any product feedback the customer may have.

As the subject-matter experts on all things Noibu, CSMs are here to act as an extension of a customer’s team. They provide a free second set of eyes, and collaborate closely with their customer’s eCommerce, Product, QA, Engineers teams.

But the CSM relationship isn’t the only connection they get with Noibu…

When You Get Stuck

eCommerce environments are complicated, and in times when a technical question or roadblock comes up that the customer’s development team may not be able to address, our CSMs can escalate an issue to our Technical Solutions team to work through a solution.

Our Technical Solutions team works with hundreds of customers who experience and deal with all types of issues, so they are incredibly knowledgeable and well equipped to direct other customers to the right areas to come to a solution.

Final Thoughts

From the day customers get started with Noibu, our success function is working to provide the best possible experience for users.

With a hands-on approach to onboarding and an ongoing proactive customer success partnership, our team works hard to bring customers the highest ROI, while helping to streamline workflows – even through the most complex scenarios/roadblocks and bugs. Noibu customers can be sure that they truly are getting top-tier post-sales services.

Don’t just take it from us, have a look at some of the feedback from our customers:

“Clear vision of issues and great support.”

“Great service and dedication. Will recommend Noibu.”

“Great team and product! Can’t ask for anything more!”

“Great account management, actively caring and trying to help; generally a good tool offering extra visibility into issues.”

“Great technical and customer support, great management!”

“The staff that we’ve worked with has been very helpful, supportive, and accommodating. I really get the feeling that they are invested in our success and they are willing to work with us to find solutions.”

“Great platform with intuitive features. One of the best tools that our company uses. Our success manager is outstanding and extremely helpful!”

“Great customer success program.”

“Excellent, ongoing support and service.”

“Noibu has a team that presents itself as best in class. Not only with its intuitive UI but also its customer service team.”

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