E-commerce Expert Michael Affronti of Salesforce: How SFCC Has Evolved to Meet Consumer Demand

Michael Affronti on The E-commerce Toolbox

Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC), the ‘growth engine for customer companies’, is committed to helping commerce companies push past the boundaries of traditional commerce, now powering commerce for over two billion shoppers worldwide, serving brands ranging from small businesses to large enterprises.

In the latest episode of The E-commerce Toolbox: Expert Perspectives, host Kailin Noivo is joined by SVP and General Manager of SFCC Michael Affronti to explore the platform’s evolution, offerings, and strategic vision.

SFCC's Strategic Vision

SFCC is committed to supporting the growth of the world’s leading commerce companies. To Michael, every company is a commerce company, so this is really an aim to be the number one platform for businesses in any industry looking to enhance their commerce tech, which is becoming increasingly more common today.

The COVID-19 pandemic led to a surge in e-commerce as the primary mode of interaction between consumers and brands. This led to many brands going online and investing in their e-commerce infrastructure. Post-pandemic, consumer behavior and spending have somewhat normalized, prompting companies to rebalance their technology investments, which SFCC is well-placed to help with due to their flexible deployment options.

Serving the Mid-Market

Historically, SFCC has served enterprise luxury retail brands, but they are now extending into the mid-market.

Specifically, they have been focusing on companies that require multi-store, international operations, and high reliability during peak events, as SFCC is particularly strong in managing complex, multi-channel, and international operations.

Some of SFCC’s notable customers include Guess, LVMH portfolio brands, and Cartier, who have all chosen the brand due to its trustworthy, secure reputation, and its comprehensive integration with other Salesforce solutions.

The Headless Commerce Debate

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, companies sought full control over their e-commerce operations, leading to an increased demand for headless commerce solutions. The perceived growth opportunities led to overwhelming enthusiasm, but there has been a widespread realization that total ownership is costly and operationally challenging, leading to a shift in attitude.

Michael Affronti on headless commerce

To meet these changing consumer needs, SFCC has created both a robust headless offering and a composable offering to meet hybrid needs, cater to diverse customers, and facilitate an easy transition between solutions.

The Intersection of AI and Retail

The 2020s have been marked by a significant platform shift with the influx of AI, similar to the shifts we saw with the introduction of the Internet and mobile technology.

To effectively use AI in retail, Michael explains that you need a single source of truth about your customers, ideally one that is a comprehensive overview of their unique profile. SFCC can act as this, and be used in combination with AI to create hyper-personalized experiences for customers, using their preferences, past purchases, site behavior, and even similarities to other shoppers to make recommendations.

Listen to the Full Episode Below!

Listen to this episode of The E-commerce Toolbox: Expert Perspectives with Michael Affronti and Kailin Noivo to discover more about SFCC’s evolution and offerings.

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