A Tour of Noibu’s Error Detection Factory

OTTAWA, April 6th, 2021 –

If you’ve heard of Noibu, you know we help eCommerce teams detect, prioritize and resolve critical, revenue-impacting errors on their websites.

But what you probably don’t know is what exactly is going on behind the curtain… so to speak.

Lucky for you, you found a golden ticket in one of your chocolates over the long weekend! And you know what that means… 

That’s right! You’ve won the most fabulous prize one could wish for: a tour of Noibu’s eCommerce Error Detection Factory — so grab your Grandpa Joe and let’s go!

Our first stop on the tour is the River of Resolved Errors. Every error Noibu detects and resolves on our clients’ websites flows through this river — ten thousand gallons an hour.

Look over there across the river — they’re little robots! But not just any robots… those are Noibots!

Noibots are constantly exploring our clients’ eCommerce websites looking for errors. When they find some, they report back to the factory, telling us which errors are popping up on the different eCommerce platforms used by our clients.

For example, if an Empty Shopping Cart error occurs on multiple sites using Magento, the Noibots will gather as much information about each instance of that error as they can and, once resolved, dump them all into the River of Resolved Errors — which brings us to the next stop on our tour, the QA Canoe.

All aboard! Captained by our Clever, Competent, and Coordinated QA Crew, the QA Canoe is where we gather and sort our resolved errors by the eCommerce platform they were detected on.

Once the QA Crew spots the same error on the same platform enough times, they’ll work to find it on as many eCommerce websites as possible.

Next stop: Outreach Beach! Once the QA Canoe makes port at Outreach Beach, the QA Crew reports the error groups they found to our Business Development team. Finally, our BD Representatives look to get in contact with the eCommerce teams we’ve identified error groups on to inform them about the issue.

So there you have it! If you didn’t fall into the River of Resolved Errors or get seasick on the QA Canoe, you’ve made it to the end of the tour, which means you’ve earned a free eCommerce checkup!



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