Pretenders and Contenders for the 2021 Error Extravaganza

OTTAWA, March 22nd, 2021 –

It’s that time of year again, folks — the time when eCommerce fans around the world come together (virtually) to witness the spectacle of slip ups that is the Error Extravaganza tournament. 

The contest pits error against error in a fierce competition to separate the pretenders from the contenders and ultimately, crown an Error Extravaganza champion.

The analysts at Noibu Sports Network know that — just like the fans of any hypothetical college sports tournament that happens in the month of March — EE fans love to build a bracket, so we wrote this blog post to help you build yours!

But before we dive into our picks for this year’s tournament, let’s check in with our panel of analysts to find out what they’ll be watching for this year.

Philip Kijek Noibu Sports Network analyst

“The key thing to remember when you’re building your bracket this year is that not all errors impact a user’s checkout experience equally. 

A benign error, like a broken link on an old media release, can be annoying for a user but isn’t likely to stop them from buying that new pair of shoes they really need. A user-impacting error, on the other hand, has the potential to stop a user’s session dead in its tracks.”

Riley Kerr Error Extravaganza bracket expert

“I’m expecting to see some serious user-impact from the Broken Paypal Extension this year. I wouldn’t be surprised if it blocks a good number of checkouts by the end of the tournament and — bold prediction here — maybe even upsets Rage Clicking the Checkout Button.”

Connor BolandNoibu Sports Network anchor

“You know, I just don’t see FAQ 12 Won’t Open being able to disrupt many checkouts in this tournament. Who even goes to the FAQ page anyways? As much as I’d love to know if I’m earning double or triple Aeroplan miles, I just don’t see that preventing me from checking out.”

We asked the panel to give us their list of the top five pretenders and contenders in this year’s Error Extravaganza tournament. Here’s what they came up with:

The Pretenders

These are the errors our analysts expect to have the least impact on user experience, meaning they’ll likely result in the fewest abandoned carts.

  1. Broken Link on ‘About Us’ Page
  2. Photos on ‘Careers’ Page Not Loading
  3. Twitter Link Doesn’t Work
  4. Instagram Logo Doesn’t Appear
  5. Reviews Not Loading

The Contenders

According to our analysts, these are the errors you should be picking on your bracket. They’re the ones most likely to negatively impact the user’s experience.

  1. ‘Checkout Now’ Button Not Working
  2. PayPal Extension Broken 
  3. Shopping Cart Appears Empty
  4. Shipping Information Not Accepted
  5. Product Can’t Be Added to Cart

Sydney Smith Fan of errors and winner of the “Be a Noibu Sports Anchor” contest

“Remember when Coupon Code Not Accepted blocked that one user’s checkout last year? That was ELECTRIC! I was all, ‘Get that garbage outta here!’ ”

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