Noibu for eCommerce teams

eCommerce monitoring to unlock your full eCommerce revenue potential

Be alerted of critical revenue impacting incidents

Find and understand customer reported issues

Be alerted instantly of critical errors

Helping eCommerce teams retain more revenue

Increase revenue potential.

Reduce cart abandonment, improve customer experience, solve shopper complaints, and more to grow your eCommerce business.

“Noibu is a necessary tool for any eCommerce website!”

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A proactive approach to eCommerce.

Uncover and resolve bugs before they negatively impact your shoppers. Read how Oak + Fort made this a reality for their eCommerce team.

“Great user experience optimization tool with slick UI”

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Tools that help eCommerce professionals crush their goals

Your challenges

  • Ever wonder if that fluctuation in conversion is related to a recent release?
  • Are your website’s conversions decreasing?
  • Do you have poor visibility into your errors?
  • Finding it difficult to track down and resolve customer complaints?

With Noibu

  • Reveal bugs introduced in new code deployment with release monitoring.
  • Proactively ensure that your website is performing as smooth as possible.
  • Understand how errors impact both your revenue and your shoppers across your eCommerce funnel.
  • Link shopper reported issues to session recordings, empowering your tech team for swift resolution.

error tracking

Capture all JS, HTTP, GQL and image errors

Highlight all revenue and conversion impacting errors, pinpoint funnel step issues, and see common reproduction steps.

Annual revenue loss

Maximize your ROI

Prevent revenue loss by fixing issues that impact real shoppers, by viewing potential yearly losses if unresolved.

Customizable alerts

Never miss a thing

Tailor notifications to your eCommerce company’s specific goals and requirements.

session replay

Step into your customer’s shoes

View comprehensive video replays of the shopper’s journey within the context of an error.

funnel analysis

Track funnel progression and assess friction impact

Reveal user journey errors, contextualize revenue and user impact, and view clear priorities on where to focus your efforts.

Performance monitoring

Monitor performance to maximize conversions

Keep tabs on the speed of your website using real customer data. See key web performance metrics and trends to proactively identify problem areas.

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See what other eCommerce leaders have to say

“As a customer, the last thing you want is to be blocked in your checkout process. We needed a better, faster way to detect unpredictable errors that impact revenue and customer satisfaction. Noibu’s platform helped our team to achieve this goal, with their amazing support in the debugging process.”

Frequently asked questions

1. Can Noibu support a major site update or migration?

Yes, Noibu can support a major site update or migration. Every account will have a dedicated customer success manager, and when migrating or launching new features on your website, our CSM can help you set up a staging domain, where you can deploy Noibu’s script and test your website before launching. You will be able to monitor errors on both the staging domain and your live domain.

2. How is this different from traditional QA software?

Noibu is designed for ecommerce professionals to navigate critical errors without the need for coding knowledge. Noibu tracks UI related errors that are often missed by traditional QA software that results from:
  • Third party integrations
  • Redesigns
  • Browser/device issues

3. What if I do not know how to code?

Noibu is designed for ecommerce professionals and you do not need to know how to code in order to navigate these errors. Reporting includes easy to read error details that you can action.

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