OTTAWA, February 1st, 2021 –

OK, football fans — picture this. 

Your team’s down by five with seconds on the clock. After a long, hard-fought drive, they line up on the 10-yard line.

You’ve run this play a thousand times in practice. The QB takes the snap, fakes left then drops a high one to the corner where your all-star receiver makes the catch nine times out of 10.

The whistle blows and the ball is snapped — this one’s as good as won… or is it?

It would have been. But your trusty offensive lineman let his guard down. 

It could have been the nerves or that he forgot to wear his lucky socks but he made a crucial error — he didn’t see the other team’s six-foot-four, 240-pound linebacker blitzing the QB’s blindside.

The linebacker bursts through the O-line and sacks your QB, ending the game and the season with a crushing loss.

Devastating, right? We thought so too.

But you might be wondering, “Why is this software company talking to me about football?” 

It’s a fair question. For one, we heard there was a big game coming up. 

But also, we thought this was the perfect metaphor to explain Noibu — your eCommerce website’s offensive line.

We help companies like yours spot errors on their checkout pages before they cost thousands in lost revenue. In other words, we’re the O-lineman that anticipates the blitzing linebacker and pancakes him before he becomes a problem. We’ll even show you the instant replay

OK, OK… here’s why this is important.

Coaches work tirelessly to make sure their teams deliver clutch performances when it matters, right? Well, if your eCommerce website is a football team, then you’re the coach.

You’ve optimized your site to drive visitors to conversion (the goal line) and you’re damn proud of it — as you should be. You’ve built a championship-calibre team. But even the best teams choke sometimes (*cough* Seattle *cough*).

Just the same, even the best eCommerce platforms out there have errors. Noibu can detect and resolve errors on hall-of-famers like Shopify, Magento, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, WooCommerce and more in real-time. 

Draft us as your website’s offensive lineman and we’ll make sure your checkout is error-free so your QB can focus on throwing that touchdown pass and driving sales.

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