Noibu Helps Your Team Detect, Prioritize & Resolve Revenue-Impacting eCommerce Errors


Monitor your add-to-cart functionality


Diagnose checkout errors

Website Uptime

Be notified when your website goes down

There are many reasons why your core eCommerce components may be malfunctioning: third-party integrations, redesigns, and different browser/OS/device types. Thanks to Noibu, you can now prevent lost sales and retain loyal customers by monitoring your critical eCommerce functionality.

Issue Management

Easily triage, communicate and resolve issues with Noibu’s easy to use issue management. You can set a priority, choose a state, assign an error to your developer and comment on the error.

Video Replay

Noibu allows you to watch real user session replays of your customers experiencing errors. This allows you to understand the true user impact. You can watch multiple replays per error so that you can truly understand how an error impacts your users.

Reproduction Steps

Noibu provides you with the steps that a user took to experience the error so that you and your development team can quickly reproduce the error.

Understand the first and last steps taken before your user experienced an error.

Weekly Error Reports

Noibu sends you a weekly report summarizing all error activity from the previous week.

Easily prioritize which errors get fixed by understanding which errors are most damaging to your business.

Error Summary

Each error summary comes with an error ID, severity, error tag, occurrence this week vs last week, revenue impact and # of users impacted.

Use this data to make a quick decision on whether to investigate further or send to your developer to fix.

Error Overview

Noibu provides you with a concise and easy to understand overview of each error. The complexity of an error is taken and deconstructed into an actionable description of the error. Each overview provides you with enough information to understand which core component of your ecommerce website is affected.

Developer Packet

Once you’ve decided which errors you want to be prioritized and fixed you can easily send off the developer packet which comes with each unique error. Each packet is equipped with the details necessary for your development team to diagnose and fix the issue. The packet includes error code, # of occurrences/users, overview, IP addresses, time stamps, browser, device, unique error signature, error url, on url and more.


We help some of the leading brands in the world process over 100,000,000 errors/year.

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