How Solo Stove used Noibu to increase annual sales by 15%



Solo Stove is a consumer goods company based in Texas, USA. The company has developed patented technology for the perfect fire pits and outdoor stoves. Since launching in 2010, Solo Stove has grown to a team of 60 people, including warehouse employees. Since then, the company has achieved more than 7-figure annual revenue. The founders credit the company’s success with staying focused on the customer and building simple, high-quality products.



As Solo Stove’s eCommerce specialist, Joe Bagazinski would field dozens of customer service calls reporting onsite errors and issues with checking out. Joe then had to spend hours trying to manually reproduce the errors so the team could identify what was causing them, but with the lack of information being shared through the customer call, he would often run into a dead end. Not to mention, Joe knew that only a fraction of customers would ever call in to report an on-site bug…

His main problem was that he had no way of finding out if there were errors live on the website and needed a way to automatically detect the errors and quantify the impact of them.




Solo Stove not only needed a solution to automatically detect site errors, but more importantly they needed something that could differentiate between which errors had a significant impact on revenue and which did not. This would give some idea of which bugs needed to be fixed first by marking them by priority based on the ROI of fixing each error. Then, Joe could effectively pass the issues to the development team, so they could dive into the highest priority issues.

After some investigation, Joe and his team found out about Noibu and they knew the software would deliver exactly what they needed.




In the eCommerce world, most sites expect sales to slow down between January-March after the rush of the holiday season. After launching Noibu, Solo Stove didn’t see this drop in sales. Within the first 3 months of using Noibu, Solo Stove was able to identify and solve 4 revenue-impacting errors, which added 3,100 orders to annual sales. The company has also seen an increase in average order value (AOV), increasing revenue by 15%.


About Noibu


Serving SMBs and enterprise customers globally, Noibu is the industry leader in eCommerce error monitoring and lost revenue prevention. Noibu’s software platform monitors your eCommerce site and flags and prioritizes errors that prevent real customers from checking out, while collecting all the information required to quickly resolve them. For more information, visit www.noibu.com.

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