How Ribble Cycles works smarter with Noibu’s error prioritization


Established in 1897, Ribble Cycles is one of the longest established bicycle manufacturers in the world. Based in Lancashire, England, it is one of the UK’s biggest online bike dealers, selling both within the UK and internationally. With a variety of bikes available for purchase for any skill level or terrain, Ribble Cycles is dedicated to continuing offering exceptional value for money and a diversified product line to biking enthusiasts.



Ribble Cycles works in a small team environment where each member must work cross-functionally. With such a small team and limited resources, they had no time to waste solving every error that came about. They knew there were errors on their website but they didn’t know which ones were most the important, so they needed something that would prioritize the errors so they could be more time efficient.



During Noibu’s free trial period, Matthew Lawson, Chief Digital Officer at Ribble Cycles, saw that Noibu would allow his developers to work smarter with the time they had. Noibu’s platform would not only give the developers the ability to self-prioritize, but the team would also have all of the information available to them to resolve an issue. It was an incremental cost but Matthew knew that if Ribble could manage to solve four prioritized bugs, the software would pay for itself. 



While most companies employ an “out of sight, out of mind” philosophy when it comes to errors, with Noibu, Ribble Cycles has a new approach and tackles errors head-on. Within the first few months of using the product, the company saw a positive impact on ROI. Since then, Matthew has already referred Noibu to his peers as he sees that it’s fundamental to giving users the visibility, speed, accuracy and prioritization needed.


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