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How Stroili Oro used Noibu to solve 7 revenue impacting errors

Stroili, an Italian jewelry brand, is one of the largest retailers in Italy. They operate an omni-channel strategy that includes an ecommerce store and 406 retail stores across the country.

Luca Gerini is the Director of Ecommerce at Stroili, responsible for their entire digital marketing strategy. The website experience and conversion optimization is a key part of his role.

Luca knew that errors on the website hurt his customers’ experience and the site’s conversion rate. To learn about issues, he would survey customers and ask if they had encountered any problems while shopping. But this method was limited by how many customers were willing to participate. Luca realized that he needed an automated way to detect errors on the website. That’s where Noibu came in.

As Luca explained:

“I knew that the website had errors. But the very tricky part of this job is that you don’t know when and where those errors occur.”

In the first 3 months of implementing Noibu, Stroili has solved 7 revenue-impacting errors and they are spending a fraction of the time detecting errors and gathering the information needed to solve them.

Here’s how they did it.

Why Noibu?

Before Luca discovered Noibu, he wasn’t sure that such a solution even existed. But he knew he wanted to find a way to automate the process of detecting errors on his site and Noibu was exactly what he was looking for. His favourite feature is:

  • Prioritization Tags: “I love the fact that Noibu highlights the important errors using coloured tags. I know where to look right away, I don’t have to manually review hundreds of reports.” Noibu highlights errors that occur on your checkout URL and if they have an adverse effect on conversions.

How Stroili uses Noibu to fix errors twice as fast

The Problem

Most Noibu users report that, before having Noibu, the main way they learned about errors on the site was through customer complaints. Unfortunately for Luca, even that wasn’t an option.

“We get very little feedback from customers, maybe once every few months. It’s just not something that Italian customers are used to doing. If the site is not working, they just move on to another one.”

Luca would take it upon himself to survey customers on the site. “I would pop onto the site to talk to a random customer and ask questions like ‘how was your experience on the website’ and ‘did you have any problems making a purchase’. If I didn’t ask them myself if there was a problem, we would never find out.”

The Solution

The main motivation for Luca in using Noibu was for the automated error detection. Noibu analyzes every visitor session on the Stroili website for errors. From there, every single error detected is listed in the Noibu dashboard for Luca and his team to review.

Noibu also helped Luca and his development agency to:

  • Prioritize errors based on lost revenue.

  • Resolve errors by providing all the data needed for a developer to understand the error and fix it

The Results

In the first 3 months of having Noibu, Stroili has:

  • Detected 26 website errors

  • Solved 7 revenue-impacting errors

  • Save on average 12 hours of work per month looking for errors or for information about an error

“We have been solving more errors than ever before. And my development agency is happy too since it saves them time as well.” For Luca, the time he saves has been well spent. “Since having Noibu, I have more time to focus on development and new business.”

“I would absolutely recommend Noibu to other Ecommerce Directors. I’ve been recommending it already to friends in the industry.” – Luca

Final Thoughts

The way Luca sees it, Noibu falls between the revenue-generating departments and the IT department. For retailers the size of Stroili, the IT department is more focused on the data infrastructure across their supply chain and retail locations. Website errors are not part of their typical responsibilities. Because of this, he believes that it’s up to agencies and Ecommerce Directors to be more proactive and aware of website errors.

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