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How Solo Stove used Noibu to increase annual sales by 15%

Solo Stove is a consumer goods company based in Texas. They’ve developed patented technology for the perfect fire pits and outdoor stoves. From humble beginnings in 2010 they now have thousands of customers across North America and is starting to expand internationally. The founders credit the company’s success to staying focused on the customer and building simple, high quality products.

“At the end of the day, my responsibility is the website. Making sure that everything functions properly and that customers have a good experience. Making sure there are no errors on the site is a big part of that.” – Joe Bagazinski, Website and eCommerce Specialist at Solo Stove.

But the lack of information around errors left Joe at a dead end more often than not, unable to create a meaningful case for the development team to fix.

In just the first 3 months of using Noibu, the Solo Stove team has resolved 2 revenue-impacting errors and seen checkouts increase by 15%. This growth came after the holiday rush, when e-commerce companies typically see a slowdown in sales.

Why Noibu?

Here’s what it came down to for both John Merris, the President and CEO, and Joe Bagazinski, the website manager, respectively:

  • Accountability to results: “There are so many subscription services these days and you end up spending money on tools without knowing what the real impact is going to be. The Noibu team was upfront and willing to put their software to the test. During the first few months, when we were testing, we were able to identify errors, start solving them, and evaluate what the value was.” – John Merris, CEO

  • Session replay: “For me, it’s the session replay. I’m not a developer so being able to see a customer’s checkout page, what they have in their cart, what they’re attempting to do, and where they run into an error gives me enough information to replicate the issue and pass it off to developers.” Joe Bagazinski, Website Manager

How Solo Stove used Noibu to fix revenue-impacting errors


The Problem

Before Noibu, Joe would most often learn about checkout errors through the customer service team. Customers are not professional QA testers, they’re just trying to shop. As a result, they are not always able to clearly communicate the issue to customer support. Plus, it’s a terrible customer experience when users on the site are the ones detecting the problems. In these situations, Joe would use what little information he received to try and recreate the issue, determine if it’s widespread or not, and build a case for the development team.

Joe would also open up cases with their website platform (BigCommerce) to learn more about the issue and hope that the BigCommerce team knew how to resolve it. “They usually couldn’t fix the issues because there either wasn’t enough information for them to find it or the issue was related to another 3rd party company, or a plugin, where BigCommerce has no control.” – Joe

This game of broken telephone would more often than not lead to a dead-end and is an unpleasant experience for both Solo Stove customers and employees.

The Solution

When Solo Stove launched Noibu and started exploring the errors, what surprised them was that most of those errors didn’t have a significant impact on revenue. This is pretty common for eCommerce sites since the combination of multiple plugins, browsers, devices, and customer activity can result in all kinds of small javascript errors – such as a broken image carousel that goes unnoticed for months.

From there, Noibu helped Solo Stove identify the handful of errors that were causing the biggest loss in sales. It also highlighted how many times those errors occurred in a month. Knowing what their average cart value is, John was able to quantify the potential ROI of fixing each error. Plus, each error listed in Noibu includes a session recording and detailed web session information, ready to be passed on to developers.

Armed with this complete information, the development team could dive right into fixing the highest priority issues.

The Results

In the ecommerce world, most merchants expect sales to slow down between January-March, after the rush of the holiday season. But that wasn’t the case for Solo Stove:

In the 3 months since launching Noibu on their site, Solo Stove was able to:

  • Identify 4 revenue-impacting errors.

  • Fix high priority errors, which have set them up to increase checkouts on site by 15% annually.

  • Increase sales of the product SKU’s that were most affected by the errors.

  • See a 10X+ ROI on their investment in Noibu.

“If you’re doing any reasonable volume on an ecommerce site, having the ability to get recordings and notifications in real time for checkout errors that are keeping people from giving you money, is a no brainer. This is especially critical for smaller teams that maybe don’t have the infrastructure of a development team or a testing team to understand the errors that are happening on their site.” – John

Final Thoughts


When it comes down to it, there are only two ways to increase sales on your ecommerce store: (1) drive more people to your site or (2) improve your conversion rates. Solo Stove is focused on both so any time and energy spent optimizing conversion is time well spent.

Using Noibu, Solo Stove has been able to add thousands of new sales from their existing qualified traffic. And in just 3 months, they’ve seen a 10X+ ROI from the software that justified the annual cost.

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