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How BIXLER Used Noibu During a Website Redesign to Ensure a Seamless Customer Experience Transition

BIXLER is a jewelry company unlike any other. America’s First Jeweler™ in operation since 1785 is partnering with your favourite brands to offer modern takes on iconic sports teams, films, colleges and more, so you can show your passion wherever life takes you.

Their collections encompass some of the most beloved American staples from the worlds of entertainment, sports, military, and beyond. From the MLB to the NHL, and from Ghostbusters to Assassin’s creed, they have collections that’ll bring your fantasies to life, with every piece developed and crafted by our master jewellers in North America.

The brand, with headquarters in Burlington, Vermont, has recently added an ecommerce component to their repertoire. As of November 2018, they opened their ecommerce hub located in the heart of Montreal, Québec. As the website is still young, BIXLER has experienced multiple errors on their platform throughout the development process. Some of the errors that were prevalent include problems with product photos (Magento stock photos were appearing instead) and there was a shipping plugin complication that prevented customers from being able to checkout. With these two errors and other more minor ones present on their site, they saw urgency for a change in their website.

Detected critical errors during website redesign

At the time that BIXLER began using Noibu, they were going through a website redesign process because they saw a need for improvement in UX. Natalie Ben-Zur, Vice President at BIXLER reflects back at this time period and explained that they were desperate for this redesign because, “the conversion was not where we wanted it to be”. The website’s monthly visitors were sufficient but their transactions did not meet their standards. During this redesign process Noibu was able to detect several critical errors. They were able to assist in bridging the gap between their ecommerce team and technical team to help prioritize errors from high, to medium and low. In this way, BIXLER was able to easily see what errors were really affecting their revenue the most.

Improved quality of online customer experience

Customer experience is one of the most important components of a business because it really determines how your customers feel about your company. With the introduction of omnichannel selling comes the ability to deliver your customer experience online, and this is where errors can occur and impact the customer experience the most. If any point in the customer’s pathway to purchase is damaged, their whole user experience is altered. For example, if there are issues with the online checkout, that can cause your customers to not come back. This is because they have now lost trust in the validity of your company, brand and products.

Luckily with the help of Noibu, BIXLER was able to improve the quality of their online customer experience by reducing the number of active errors on their website. This ensured that their online customer experience was still excellent during a period of many redesign changes.


Gained peace of mind for website redesign process

Ultimately, Noibu allowed BIXLER ecommerce team to focus on what matters: increasing sales and improving customer loyalty. It was great for Natalie to know that if there was a critical error that she would be notified. Therefore Natalie says they, “established peace of mind and knowing that our website is not down is very important for our organization. Getting error reports helps us provide our customers with an excellent customer experience.” Noibu helped assure that was functioning even during major redesign pushes. On top of this, Noibu has given Vice President, Natalie, more time in her schedule because now she does not worry about the functionality of her website. She instead focuses on improving the website itself and then ships the errors off to the development team to fix them in a timely manner with the developer packet provided by Noibu.

Checkout Assurance

BIXLER is able to see exactly how the errors on their site impact their company’s revenue. Seeing the error data simply organized for Natalie serves as a reminder of how crucial it is to know when errors happen and what should be prioritized. Natalie was able to see how much these errors influence her bottom line. Natalie noted that, “anything that impacts checkout has a direct impact to bottom line. LTV will be shot, and you only have one shot to make a good impression on a client. Noibu helps me ensure our checkout is fully functional in order to provide our customers with a seamless experience.”

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