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How Bestseller Uses Noibu to Deliver an Errorless Ecommerce Experience


BESTSELLER is a multinational clothing and accessories company. Their brands include ONLY, VERO MODA, NOISY MAY, JACK & JONES, ONLY & SONS, SELECTED HOMME, and name it. With over 2,700 branded chain stores across 38 different markets worldwide and another 15,000 partners, BESTSELLER is a global retail leader. With over 15,000 employees world-wide, they are one of the largest retailers in the world.

BESTSELLER has successfully deployed an online strategy worldwide that is highly focused on delivering a world class customer experience. In this pursuit, BESTSELLER has like many brands selling online experienced bugs on their site that have impacted customer experience.

“Making sure the service is up, the software is running correctly, making sure we are not throwing bugs,” says Philippe Gaboury, UI/UX Analyst at BESTSELLER. ” We just had a new site version come up that ended up breaking our US website. Our US customers couldn’t change the color on their products. You always have to be very keenly aware of everything that is going on your website and in the back end. So it’s a whole mess of challenges.”

Software errors happen to all retailers and BESTSELLER is no different. For Philippe, “…software mostly. Errors can originate from bad updates, javascript is a complicated thing, we are loading a lot of libraries and multiple libraries and any one of these libraries can end up breaking. Even with the best intentions of everyone you never know when a bug will pop up and plug everything else.”

Philippe, knows the true business impact of errors for BESTSELLER, “Very often, either we lose a sale straight up or we end up frustrating a customer and that makes it much harder to get a customer to purchase with us again.”


After learning about Noibu, Philippe and the BESTSELLER ecommerce team decided to see if Noibu could help them find front end user impacting errors that affect the customer experience. They immediately began to see results and integrated Noibu directly into their weekly workflow.

Philippe looks at, “…the weekly reports to see if there are any new errors and I’m ready to talk to my developers when there is a new issue. I usually speak with them every Wednesday so having the Noibu report come just before really helps me prepare for that meeting.” These reports that are accessible in the dashboard allowed Philippe to gain insight about real time issues affecting real users and action them quickly with his external development shop.

For BESTSELLER it’s important that they get a 360 degree picture for the customer experience on their website and Noibu helps ensure that every important error is brought to Philippe’s attention, “The software, at a good price for what it offers and gives us visibility to something that otherwise wouldn’t be visible.”

BESTSELLER runs on Shopify Plus and they are able to use Noibu to ensure any redesigns, 3rd party integrations or manual changes are executed without breaking anything on their front end. If something breaks, they are instantly notified so that they can take action and resolve the issue.


Shortly after deploying Noibu BESTSELLER say instant results by detecting a critical error impacting thousands of their loyal customers. BESTSELLER knows just how important customer experience is to their shoppers and they were relieved to know that Noibu was able to alert them in a timely manner.

Philippe wanted to try out Noibu and, “…when we did you immediately found that our contact form was broken before our customers started complaining about it, and of course they couldn’t complain since the contact form was broken.” They were able to quickly take action and when they, “…finally heard from a real customer that this was really happening and that is what confirmed the error was very widespread. So it really triggered us to use Noibu and analyze when the error occurred, how the error occurred, to figure out what was happening. That is a huge customer service, important customer service impact there.”

BESTSELLER was able to improve their customer experience in a timely fashion and deliver on their promise of providing an exceptional experience to all of their customers. BESTSELLER has enjoyed working with Noibu, “Yes, I would recommend Noibu. We’ve had questions and you have been very responsive to get the answers we wanted.” They’ve been able to receive the excellent customer service that is at the core of Noibu’s values and now they can rest well at night as well, knowing that if there is a critical error that they will be able to quickly action and resolve with Noibu.

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