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ça va de soi Detects Critical Cart Error and Unlocks $250,000 Worth of Inventory

ça va de soi has been delivering an exceptional customer journey and experience for over 40 years. The clothing brand sells high quality, unique knitwear that focuses on the ideal of slow fashion. Their products are long lasting and endlessly elegant. What started as a small family business based in Montreal has expanded throughout major Canadian cities including Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Québec City.

Due to the success of their 5 brick and mortar stores, ça va de soi launched their ecommerce store in 2013. Now, the brand uses the Magento 2 platform to funnel their online sales and deliver an exceptional customer journey. ça va de soi’s impressive online store has driven plenty of sales because it has allowed their products to become accessible to customers all around the world. However, when introducing any technology to your business, errors can easily arise. Unfortunately, ça va de soi recognized these problems when it was already too late and they had lost sales. This is why they turned to Noibu for help with error detection.

Detecting an add to cart error affecting $250K of inventory

When ça va de soi deployed Noibu’s software, they were able to see the effects instantly. By using Noibu, they immediately noticed that $250K of their inventory was affected by an add to cart error. Add to cart errors can be extremely damaging to a business because they leave the customer feeling frustrated and uninterested. Additionally, when add to cart errors are present, the whole website is futile because it does not fulfill its purpose of allowing people to purchase products online. Luckily, ça va de soi was able to use Noibu’s error monitoring and reporting to diagnose the root problem. Fixing this issue resulted in $250K of inventory unlocked and ready for acquisition.

Achieved real-time monitoring and error detection

Before using Noibu, ça va de soi only knew when their website was down when a customer called in complaining. The reality of this method of error detection is that it is very rare that a customer will ever call. Instead, they simply hop to their competitor’s website and purchase from them. By using Noibu, it allowed ça va de soi to have real-time monitoring and error detection on Therefore, customers were no longer calling in about website problems because the errors no longer lingered for prolonged times because they were detected right away. Noibu’s product permitted ça va de soi to gain a better understanding of their website because the company was easily able to see where problems were occurring and where there was room for improvement. Noibu also helped prioritize critical issues. Instead of ça va de soi wasting time searching for problems, the important and recurrent major ones were brought to the forefront, saving them time, money and resources. Kinza, Art Director at ça va de soi explained that, “if we were to have another add to cart issue, or bugs when the check out is being finalized, it would have a major impact on our website. This is because orders can’t come in and our customers would get disappointed, causing them to potentially not come back.” This statement is extremely relevant, especially in a time where everything is expected to be more instantaneous. Customers no longer have the patience to wait in this competitive market place where it is hard to stand out and gain attention.

Gained peace of mind knowing that ecommerce website is always open for business

Ultimately, using Noibu allowed ça va de soi to focus on driving their sales instead of investing their energy elsewhere. Noibu’s software ensured that their critical systems did not go down. This is because Noibu was always operating in the background and catching errors. This gave the company peace of mind because they knew their website was always up and running which allowed them to reach their sales targets. ça va de soi is a luxury brand that sees the value in having strong customer relationships. It was seen that the relationships they have built with their customers since implementing Noibu have been enhanced. The reduction of errors on their site has built customer trust and made customers more loyal to their brand. When a website is consistently breaking down, it looks unprofessional and uncared for. The major errors occured for ca va de soi during Christmas time. Kinza Nasri exclaims that, “For us, it happened at a very bad time. It could have happened during other vital times for sales as well like during a season launch. So it is vital to know that you have a seamless customer experience during checkout”. Now, Nasri feels at ease knowing that her website is in Noibu’s hands.


Using Noibu, ça va de soi has prevented $64k in sales loss. Noibu helps ecommerce teams detect critical errors such as add to cart/checkout so that lost sales are prevented. Noibu’s software is able to catch these errors and will send your company alerts when they occur. Kinza Nasri, Art Director at ça va de soi recommends Noibu to everyone who is trying to build their website online. She noted that, “if you’re a business that wants to grow online, like many businesses, it’s definitely a great idea to surround yourself with automated tools, like Noibu, so you can get constant reports on little bugs. Website bridges, softwares and inventory systems all have their own little discrepancies. Bugs happen within both big and small companies and it is essential that you protect yourselves against them”. Noibu has been able to fill ça va de soi’s needs and has played an important role in ça va de soi’s online growth.

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