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Avon (Fruits & Passion) Increases Their Online Sales Using Noibu

Since 1992, Fruits and Passion has been creating and selling high end body care and home care products. The Montreal based brand has been a staple body product brand for Québec, although its original roots and inspiration stem from Italian traditions.

The company focuses on celebrating our natural resources and our environment in order to create these exceptional utilities. They have made a commitment to be a sustainable brand and have pledged to use biodegradable formulas, recyclable containers and ingredients of natural origin. Additionally the company refuses to test on animals.

With over 43 brick-and-mortar store locations in 4 Canadian provinces, Fruits and Passions established an ecommerce website using Magento 2 that has lead to an increase in sales. This has allowed there to be greater visibility across the country for their brand. Unfortunately, like with any ecommerce platform, malfunctions and errors occurred. Fruits and Passions knew they needed a solution, so they turned to Noibu.

Detecting a critical checkout downage affecting 21% of shoppers

Once Fruits & Passion began using Noibu, they saw instant results. When they began monitoring and tracking their site, a checkout error that was affecting 21% of their shoppers was discovered within hours. They were able to use Noibu’s error monitoring and reporting to diagnose the root problem. Without using Noibu, the origins of the problem would not have been discovered quickly. It would have likely taken an extensive amount of time and resources for the Fruits and Passions employees to manually go through and check for errors.

Once the error was identified, it was simple for Fruits and Passions to send the error off to their development team to be fixed. Fixing the issue resulted in significant savings going forward.

Achieved real-time monitoring and error detection

Using Noibu, allowed for real-time monitoring and error detection on Noibu’s product helped Fruits and Passion understand their own market better because it provided them with valuable information about their customer’s path to purchase on their website. In this way, they knew exactly where they were losing sales. Overall, it ameliorated their comprehension of their website performance. When dealing with ecommerce errors, it is challenging to know what to prioritize. By using Noibu, Fruits and Passions got directions on where to focus their attention and how to solve the critical issues moving forward. According to Nathalie Giroux, Ecommerce Project Manager at Fruits and Passions, “Not only did Noibu detect the critical checkout malfunction, which was dramatically affecting our sales and customers experience, they also took the time to find ways to fix it and suggested a few options to our developers.”

Gained peace of mind knowing that ecommerce website is always open for business

Having many undetected errors can add great stress to a business. Using Noibu allowed Fruits and Passions to gain peace of mind and focus on driving their sales. Ultimately, Noibu eliminated Fruits and Passion’s underlying doubts. Therefore, employees no longer had to worry about critical systems going down because Noibu was always continuously operating in the background without slowing down their platform. In this sense, the customer experience was improved without compromising any components of the user experience. Additionally, being notified before customers report issues helped improve the customer journey significantly because there was a reduction of errors, making the customer journey seamless.


Noibu’s impact on Fruits and Passion was extensive. Firstly, Noibu reduced pressure and gave peace of mind to Fruits and Passions employees by taking the stress off of them by automating error detection.

This gave them more time to focus on what matters. Secondly, Noibu helped Fruits & Passion improve their customer experience by ensuring that all critical functionality was fully working. This in turn, helped nurture the relationship between the brand and its’ customers, cultivating strong customer loyalty. Evidently, Noibu’s positive impact has resonated strongly with Ecommerce Project Manager, Nathalie Giroux. She explained that, “I would recommend Noibu to anyone that is a looking for a system that is reliable and can guarantee that your website will consistently be running smoothly and providing the best online shopping experience.”

The relationship with Noibu’s team does not end when you deploy their software. That is only the beginning. Deploying Noibu’s software is only the commencement of a long term relationships between Noibu and your company. Noibu remains up to date with problems on your platform and always offers help when needed. Nathalie Giroux indicated that, “Noibu’s team is professional, always available and truly cares about their customer’s success.”

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