Elara Verret Shares Her Thoughts on Retail Innovation

Elara Verret is an experienced retail professional who has worked with brands such as La Senza, Aldo and is now currently the Vice President of Marketing and E-Commerce at Psycho Bunny. Psycho Bunny is a leading high end menswear brand with a unique twist that mixes sophistication with rebellion. Since Elara joined the brand in August 2017, she has played an important role in developing strategies that accumulate the greatest customer acquisition.

Elara’s background originated in the realm of science as she obtained her undergraduate degree in biochemistry. She then became immersed in business through her knowledge of the sciences when she worked on the informative side of business where she discovered ways to deliver information to consumers through chat rooms. Therefore, Elara’s knowledge in the sciences has allowed her to be more analytical whilst looking at different aspects of marketing like the customer journey through looking at a variety of statistics.

With her expertise in retail, we asked Elara what she believes the key success factors for omnichannel strategy are:


Specifically, you must be focused on what is important for your business at that time period. You must pay attention to all components of your business like digital marketing, client acquisition and conversion.


It is essential to really investigate where your business is lacking and how you can fix it. Once you identify these problems, you need to make sure each component then works in conjunction with the rest of the operations.

We also asked Elara for her insight on delivering an exceptional customer experience online:

Easy to navigate

All aspects of the omnichannel should be aligned. For example, if a client finds an item on social media and looks for it online, they should be able to instantly find it.


Ensure that every customer’s experience is tailored to them. Ask yourself questions like, “how can you make this experience better?”. When you know what your customer wants, it is easier to give it to them, so spend time considering this.

Post purchase experience

Not only should the shopping experience itself be good, it is also vital to follow through with having an exceptional product. Additionally, if an individual has purchased an item online, the delivery time should be short and effective.

Elara also pointed out that an initiative that should be a priority for the ecommerce platforms of retail brands should be investigating what your brand stands for. Through showing what your brand’s beliefs and values are, you can make a long term connection with a client. These clients that share your belief will become loyal customers as they identify themselves with your brand. A way that you can create this brand image is through looking at your brand’s roots and beginnings. In this way, it will help you remember where you came from, which can help you understand where you intend to go in the future.

Lastly, Elara identified the biggest changes she has seen in consumer behaviour in the last few years. The first major change she noted was that everything is slowly moving to mobile. Brands used to focus on problems like getting people into their large brick-and-mortar stores. Now, brands must focus on fitting all of the excitement of a brick-and-mortar store into a tiny handheld device because mobile devices are becoming the first point of contact for the consumer. She also connected this to social media, specifically Instagram which has, “really changed the game as everything is more intuitively shoppable given how visual it is”. This is extremely relevant because now people are able to shop directly from Instagram, which gives more exposure to smaller brands. This gives small brands opportunities like never before because 10 years ago, it would be hard to get much exposure. Now, the opportunities are endless.

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